Christmas Poems for Retail Workers

May the love that is Christmas
wrap you
As you have wrapped gifts for so many.
At this busy time of the year,
may shop keepers and all who work for them.
find time to rest their feet.

Remember the hours spent in the year
buying products, gear,
the necessities of life
and sometimes,
browsing and not buying anything at all.
Thank you retail workers for your patience.

In the marketplace,
The people who serve the public
deserve a thousand thanks.

Working in small family-run businesses,
large retail stores and Malls
in retail outlets around the world
are the people who smile and are our pals.
They ask how we are
and help us choose our brands
Thank you retail workers
we are in capable hands.

May all retail workers
Enjoy a well-earned rest.
May they find peace at Christmas time.
and no one waiting in line
to be served.

For those who work with food products
and spend time in cold storage facilities,
May your Christmas be warm and cosy.

For those who sell hard goods and durable things
appliances, electronics, furniture, sporting goods and rings,
May your memories of Christmas never wear out
May the love that is Christmas last forever.

For those who work in soft goods and consumables
clothing, apparel and fabrics
may the joy of Christmas
reflect the pleasure you give to others.

Remember the people who stand behind the counter
this Christmas Season.
The retail workers who help us find the perfect gift.
May all retail workers enjoy this time of celebration
with their families

May we all
understand the world of the retail workers,
especially at Christmas
when they work
and often sacrifice time at home with their families.
Their hours are not regular or steady.
At this time of the year, when we give thanks
We should remember the workers who made the holiday possible.

May retail workers.
who are usually women
Find peace and rest at Christmas.
May they have fun with their children
and stable working conditions in the future.