New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

It was last New Year’s Eve when I wished for a soul,
Who would wrap me in warmth, far away from the cold,
I wished for a man who would laugh at my jokes,
And listen intently to times when I spoke,
About thoughts of the future, my hopes and my plans,
Or my tears of the past with him holding my hands,
I wished for a listener, a kind, friendly ear,
A man who’d stay close to me year after year.

It was last New Year’s Eve when I wished for a way,
Of finding a man who could cheer up my day,
Who’d want me so dearly, his love would be true,
Who’d never dare hurt me and make me feel blue,
I wished for a lover who was also a friend,
Who’d be there forever, from beginning to end,
I wished for so much, dear, and now I have you,
My wishes all granted, this New Year with you.

As the clock doth strike twelve,
Let’s drink to our health,
As the clock sings its chime,
Let’s drink to our wealth,
As the clock hands face north,
To the heavens above,
As the clock sees us through,
Let’s drink to our love.

Boyfriend, dear boyfriend,
It’s time for reflection,
The New Year approaches,
My love, my affection,
It grows and it grows,
True love is so clear,
My beautiful boyfriend,
Happy New Year.

The old year was a good year,
Because I met you,
The new year is a true year,
My true love for you.

The old year, I was lonely,
Then you came along,
The new year, Happy New Year,
With you I belong.

Mere words cannot tell how I feel for you,
On this New Year’s Day, just me and you,
With the love of my life, I stand here with pride,
On this New Year’s Day, my man by my side.

Ring out the old, bring in the new,
My darling boyfriend, I sure do love you,
We’re leaving the old year to welcome the new,
My dearest boyfriend, Happy New Year to you.

A brand new day, a brand new year,
So keep me close and keep me near.

As you take my New Year’s kiss,
Close your eyes and make a wish,
Keep it secret, just for you,
Otherwise it won’t come true.

As I take your New Year’s kiss,
I close my eyes, my turn to wish,
Can’t keep it secret, so you see,
I wished for love eternally.

As we cast our minds back on another year done,
The laughter, the tears, the drama, the fun,
Our ups and our downs, it’s all part of life,
My dear darling boyfriend, let me be your wife.

There’s no point in dwelling on times that are past,
Our lives are too short, oh, the time flies so fast,
We all have regrets, and they can’t be undone,
Look to the future, it’s only begun.