New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

The smile on your face is capable of embarrassing Donatello’s David
Your smooth and taut skin would have ashamed his bronze sheen
Your dreamy eyes pervade the calmness of my mind and do create such ripples
That I forget everything else in order to be at your feet much like a Goliath
Only with wounded heart.

When I keep my palm delicately on your broad chest I feel proud
Of its capability of staying strong through all the troubles and
Shelter my head whenever I feel an iota of doubt and distress.
I have also discovered that it beats complementary with my own heart
And this latest revelation has brought me joy and highest exaltation.

Yesterday I saw you working at the kitchen garden under the sun
Beads of sweat were decorating your forehead precious than most expensive diamonds.
Today you were busy serving food to the needy as you have done in
Every New Year’s Eve. I was much happy to be at your side doing little
Chores of work and reading in your eyes the words of deep love and affection.

My love, let us stand together awhile under the shade of that bough
This New Year’s Eve to refresh the pleasant memories and rehearse our vows
Of love for each other and joy in embrace and making this life of ours
A fairy tale to read for ages.

Let us walk once again under the starry skies and heaven
When the old clock strikes midnight.
We will collect flowers again that are spread on the meadow green
And will decorate each other’s locks with delight.

The bumble bee buzzes around the begonia all day long
Perhaps it too has infinite number of tales to share with his dearest.
The begonia smiles all the while and when the bee yields she fills
His sacs with honey. When you will stop to breathe you
Too will get a sweet taste of kiss on your lips but before then
Sweetheart do not steal your prizes from me.

Early this morning when you were still in the bed
I tip-toed to your room to slide this message of mine under your pillow
It is infused with the perfume of my breathe the way you arouse in me
It is tinged with rosy hue, rosier than my blush when you touch my bosom
It is kissed and blessed countless times and steeped in my special love for you.

When you tenderly touch my brows with your lips
And plant kisses on my forehead,
When you caress me in your embrace and
Play with my hair gaily
When you tenderly feel my hips with your fingertips
And my waist you fondly cherish
The joy and ecstasy I feel I intend to repay
Through my humble gift of love on this day.

You touch me and it regenerates me everytime, much like the
Touch of the sunshine brings back life on the cold face of earth
You stroke my head lovingly and I feel like a queen
Wearing an invisible tiara studded with priceless gems of affection.
My truelove, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for waking me up
From my slumber under which I was passing this life of mine.

I was sitting under the trees when suddenly I heard a sound
A white horse appeared galloping onward when you stopped it
And jumped on the ground.
You were dressed like a prince and your armors were shining
You were weary and thirsty and I was piqued by the mystery
This dream produced.

But what ensued I am afraid I would fail to express
For you see I do not have such words of finesse
To describe how Venus’s son had us tranced.