New Year Wishes for Brother

Over the years we shared hearty friendship,
And indulged in many childish mischief,
We ran together on our shaded backyard,
We sang together sitting on the stairs of our courtyard,
As we grew older our preferences sometimes changed
But all through these years our companionship remained
Truthful to each other. In celebration of the coming year,
Let us then once again fill each other’s heart with cheer.

My brother, may the new year signify a new era for you
Of welcoming happy times and forgetting the past woe,
Of efforts ushering success and toils that result in achievement
Of rediscovering the self and forgetting past constraints and pain.

We shared our childhood memories with each other
As much as we shared the anxieties of our teens
We grew even closer with every passing year
Till we became open books to each other
And learnt to be together through thick and thin.

If the cool morning breeze touches your face
May it feel the warmth of your loving heart.
When the afternoon sunshine majestically paints the sky
Let it know the scarlet shade of your blood is thicker than that rosy dusk.
If the evening stars peep from the night’s dark canvas
Let it know that my brother’s eyes twinkle brighter than their silvery sheen.

In your kind heart I see the blossoming of compassion
Your wide eyes are canvases on which dreams paint their desires.
In your nimble feet and busy hands I see the determination of a man
Who is ready snatching every hour for his own advantage.
May God bless you and make you a success
Bless you with a life full of love and kindness.

My brother, see how the snow capped hills on the distance,
The serene water of the soon to be frozen lake at their feet,
The lavender bush that marks the edge of the lake,
And the swans who are sun bathing in this chilly morning
Are all singing in unison with me and blessing you to be
The happiest person on this earth!

May you be blessed with never-ending source of wealth
Without losing your humility and respect towards life,
May you have the wisdom that lets you steer your journey’s
Course without ever being proud of such possessions.
May everyone feel comforted in your presence without
You ever taking any advantage of anyone and may all the
Negative influences of your enemies rebound to cause their fall.

May life bestow its chosen jewels on you to
Craft a crown of glittering gold in her own hand
Before declaring you victorious. Be patient and play
Your own part when she is busy working in the
Background for you, so that, in time you have
In your possession all the material and spiritual
Wealth that you wish for. Happy New Year!

May sunshine never fail showing you your path
May moonbeam caress and soothe your frayed nerves
May your garden never feel thirsty of rain water
May the inside of your home become a paradise
For you, full of trust, laughter and mirth.

Dear brother, I unpacked your gift few minutes ago
And I saw the glorious light of love emanating from it.
I am thankful to you for being my best friend and advisor
In things small and important. I am binding my gift
With a pink ribbon for I am sure you would know that
I have sent you my affection and gratitude
The precious most gift that I may have for you.