New Year Wishes for Business Client

Hide this indication On commencement of another brand new year
These are my wishes for you:
May sunshine follow you everywhere
And cool breeze caress you.
May you enjoy the pleasures of good company
And find friends always to accompany you
On your journey!

May felicity accompany you constantly
And cheerful be your ride
May you forget all the despondency
That past year has effected.

Enjoy the birth of a new year
And salute the rising sun
Let prosperity accompany you every
Step of the way and
Erase any causes of sadness or depression.

Birds are chirping from the branches of the trees
To welcome another year,
Let you heart be equally cheerful and mind serene
And may time grant you many favor.

The warmth of the sunshine is melting the snow
On the window pane,
Let it also melt any causes of sorrow that you may be
Hiding in your heart,
And may life become one long merry song for you.

The bonheur is in the air
It is the beginning of another year
Let us be of good cheer
And embrace each other
Wishing every pleasure
That from time we may borrow.

When the New Year knocks on your front door early
In the morning, make haste to let him in.
For he is carrying with him the treasures of the morrow
Little joys, little love and blessings from the heaven above
That are motivations of this journey we know as life.

The water incessantly flows by
From where does it come and to
Which destination it is intending to go
No ones knows. Yet we set our sails and
Trust the universe to guide us on our way
To the unknown. May you never falter
In trusting your instincts and following
Your dreams so that every new year you may
Become little closer to your ultimate aim.

The crescent moon tenderly smiles from the heaven above
In few hours time smoke of the firecrackers will shroud her.
But it would be so only for a moment.
Time will take care to remove any speck of ignominy that
May threaten to put a blemish on her beautiful face.
Isn’t that so always? You do your own work according
To your own ideals. Even if you bother about the rewards
There is no surety that it will be bestowed on you as per
Your convenience. But do not fret for this, the grand ledger that
The Universe maintains for ourselves will have registered all
Your good deeds, your kindness and your charities. So that in time
You may wear the crown that could be the envy of any prince.

May you steer your life in such a way that the
Profanity of our existence can never mar the
Enjoyment of the journey itself.
May you learn to cherish living each moment
To its fullest and savor the
Fruits of your labor and blossoming of your talent.
May each day bring messages of love and respect
From your dear ones and
Ardent admirers in every aspect.
Also, let not yourself be susceptible to the stings
Of anguish that the universe sometimes may
Send your way to test your resilience and
Prepare you for the higher summits in the distance.