New Year Wishes for Couples

The perfect couple deserve the perfect treat,
A showering of love and all things sweet,
A New Years wish for future dreams,
With happy smiles and party streams

Happy New Years day to a great couple
When we see you smile we see double!

A New Year can be the chance to see it all clearly,
To express the love that you hold so dearly,
It is a new offer of a genuine feeling,
That climbs so high it passes the ceiling!

The true love of a couple of friends,
Can show us the true way that it can all end,
The joy and the hope of the holiday season,
Can offer a warmth and a beautiful reason

The wonder and desire of a perfect pair,
Is beauty expressed without a care,
A fantastic joy for the party time,
A couple blessed with love in its prime

The year 2015 can be the start of brand new adventures,
The beginning of new directions without the threat of censure,
A whole new celebration of our perfect love,
The welcoming in of a new year from above,
A couple of lovers are ideally placed,
To witness creation of a life of beauty and grace!

A New Years holiday full of love and joy,
Can be the best way to uncover the most fun toy,
The games and the parties of seasonal time,
Are blessed with a couple’s love sublime

Happy New Year to a fantastic couple
All of the best for 2015 for a love so supple
A love so warm and devoted
The very best in show as often noted!

Here’s to a couple of dear friends
Wishing you all the best with no end
As the new year of 2015 is here
It is time to celebrate and bring the cheer!

Wishing you both the best for 2015
All the love for our King and Queen!

Happy New Year to a couple of good friends
The lucky pair whose love does not end
This holiday can be a wonderful time
Full of pleasure and party shine!

The relaxing comfort of another year passed
Can bring pleasant spells successfully cast
The magic of the season
Can be the perfect reason
To laugh and dance
And enjoy the romance!

New year wishes to a perfect pair
The bright eyed ones to whom we cannot compare
The joy of a life lived for loving
The sparkle and the pleasure is something stunning!

Approach the New Year with a magic wonder
The best of all reasons to keep from going under
Is the fact of all the joy
You two love birds can deploy
In the sea of life this is a treasure
Without any scale, without any measure

2015 can be the best of all years
For a couple of lovers without any fears
Stand up, be proud and enjoy your love
Look up to sun and the stars above
This year is your year
And can bring everything special to ones so dear!