New Year Wishes for Customers

Here’s wishing a Happy New Year to my favorite customer. I look forward to seeing you and serving you every day. You keep my tills ringing and my heart singing with your warm smile and kind words. If only all my customers were so polite as you. May you continue to visit my shop and may I continue to serve you well for the next 12 months as the last. I look forward to seeing you again in the new year after a refreshing break with your friends, family and loved ones. Make sure you find time to celebrate well.

Happy New Year to all out cherished customers. Whether you’ve been in once and never come back, were just passing through on your way to somewhere else or are one of our regulars, who brighten the shop with your presences every month, every week or every day, you are the reason why we are still here and why we continue to thrive. May you enjoy the festivities of the season and enjoy time away with friends and family as we shall do while our doors are closed for the next few days. We will be looking forward to seeing our regulars and lots of new faces again in the new year.

The season of goodwill may have passed, but now is the season of good cheer and good beer! We’ll be celebrating with out customers this New Year, because you are, after all, the reason why we are still here. So happy new year to our patrons, young and old alike, lets all share a toast to our respective good fortunes. We’ve enjoyed serving you this last year, and keeping your stomachs ans hearts full, as you have for us, and we hope to do the same for another year again. So Happy New Year eaters and drinkers, lets ring the chimes together.

Happy New Year to our customers – it is you we live to serve! We enjoy seeing you all, all through the year, whether it’s just one time, several times, every week, or every day, we love to see you all the same, as it is both variety and consistency that keeps us happy and keeps our business afloat. We’ll be shut over the new year period as we celebrate the passing of the last 12 months and welcome the coming of 12 months anew with our family, friends and most cherished loved ones, and we hope that you will be doing the same. We’ll see you in January.

Happy New Year to my favorite customer! Sometimes I think you single handedly keep me afloat. I enjoy seeing you and serving you and look forward to welcoming you back in January; your regular order will be waiting for you.