New Year Wishes for Dad

Hears to a great Dad!
One who’s always kind and never bad
So have a drink with me
And lets see what we can see!

2015 can be a year full of potential
A time to build bridges and add to credentials
It can be a successful time for both of us
So let’s have a drink Dad, there’s lots to discuss!

Happy new year to the one and only Superdad!
A dad so mad I can never be sad
The one to look up to and keep in mind
The chap with the guidance that’s never unkind
Have a drink on me
The future’s bright and always will be!

Happy new year to a wonderful Dad
The guy that’s always there with a helping hand
The one with a word that’s always good and never bad
Who can be counted on whatever life demands

To a Dad so cool he’s never any trouble
A bloke that never bursts any bubble
One so smart he’s got it all worked out
Except the beer tab, but we’ll cover it without a doubt!

2015 will soon be with us
And me and my Dad can welcome it in
The new year can be a major plus
As we enjoy a little wine and a bit of gin
We can sing to the stars that look down on the fun
And give thanks to the joy that’s just begun

Happy new year to a great dad
The guy that is famous for dancing like mad!

New year’s eve party’s can be all kinds of things
But the one definite is that someone will sing:
Auld Lang Syne and the feeling of joy
Can bring to the table a jolly old boy
Happy New Year Dad!

New year’s wishes to the father of my hopes
My dreams and schemes and future quotes
A dad so understanding he gave me a Xmas present of cash
An intelligent man who’ll give anything a bash!

All the best for 2015!
To a dad so cool he’s part of the scene
A bloke so hip he’ll give it all a try
Even helping me to drink the bar dry!

Happy New Year to my perfect dad
I say perfect but perhaps I mean mad
One so funny he’ll try anything once
From partying all night long to looking like a dunce

Raise your glass and drink a toast
To the dad of the year and the host with the most

New year’s wishes for my one and only dad
A premium league father of whom I am dearly glad