New Year Wishes for Daughter in Law

You are a whiz and a whisk,
Programmed to cook and clean
Like a little machine
And that is what you are for
My daughter-in-law.
You do it all with a smile
on your beautiful face.

Daughter-in-law, dependable
married to my lovely son.
May the New Year be filled with love
and joy, for both you and your boy.

Mother of my grandchildren,
Born in May
On a Summer’s day.
Your beauty’s the best.
I could never have expressed
the happiness you bring to our days,
You are a wonder, where would I start to praise.

A lovelier flower
in sun and in shower
was ever known
to be a daughter-in-law.
Seeds were sown
You made my son your own
Our family is complete.

At New year, my daughter-in-law
I give thanks that we’re related.
You’re an angel, the best in town.
I’m proud that you wear the crown
for best person I know.

My daughter-in-law loves flowers
of every shape and hue.
She grows them in her garden
and on window sills too.
I don’t know how she finds the time
Her life is oh so busy.
As wise mother, loving wife
and general family carer
She loves us all
and no one could be fairer.
Thank you for being a vital part of our family.
We love you.

As another year rolls round,
I look back and realise
No nicer daughter-in-law could be found
Beautiful, hard-working, wise.

What a happy time to be alive
Safe with the family
and celebrating.
Thank you daughter-in-law for
Holding it all together.

I hear the dripping rain
from laden gutters
and remembering my daughter-in-law
in rubber boots and weatherproof coat
delivering me a home made cake.
I gloat
that I have someone so kind in my life.
She is Summer sunshine.

Covered in glue
glitter and paper scraps
She guides my grandchildren into making
Delightful cards
All for the taking
home to hang on kitchen walls.
My daughter-in-law -
Thank you.

It is difficult
in the prime of life
to take on a new, different family.
To understand their ways and points of view
But you do.
You deserve a star
You are the best by far
thing that ever happened to us.
Thank you for being our daughter-in0-law.

Thank you
for baking.
At the drop of a hat
you set to
with scones and sponges
for taking
to place in tins
and remember when eating the love
you bring to our family.

From a music room childhood,
you sing in tune.
Under the moon
I listen to your lullabies
to my grandchildren.
Time flies
But I know they’ll grow to remember
the melodies you share,
The fairness of your hair
The rosy cheeks.
Pretty as a picture -
My daughter-in-law.
May the New year bring peace, love
and all your heart desires.