New Year Wishes for Daughter

With a daughter as lovely as you, we sure do feel blue, because you’re going back to school, but we wish you the best and please wear your vest, and we’ll all be together again soon when the holidays bring you to us once more.

A very happy New year to our lovely daughter. May it be filled with success and bring you near to the heart of your dreams, and may all the happiness you could ever wish for, be with you now in this new year, and for ever more.

Happy new year to one so dear, our lovely daughter who has been so near. We hope you have a lovely year full of joy and success, that sees you at your best, as for the first time, you fly our family nest.

We are so proud of you and the way you’ve grown this past year, may this new year bring you every success and joy, and know we are always there for you and love you always.

To our lovely daughter, new year brings a fresh chance to take a new direction and take on new challenges, and we wish you every success in this most special new year. We are cheering for you every step, we are there for you at every fret, and we are always there for you with a loving supportive net.

May the new year bring you joy and love, from all who hold you dear, your Mom and you Dad and your broher too, we send all our best for success and joy in this your first, new year at college.

You have grown so fine and beautiful, and it’s filled us with joy, and we wish you all the best in this New Year, and always stay near.

We know we will miss you, we know it’s a wrench, but this New Years remember that going back to a new school’s for the best. You’ll enjoy success and make us feel proud, when you come back to see us, all grown up beautifully just as we vowed!

We love you so much and are so very proud as the New Year approaches, and wish you all the best, and every success, and hope you’ll come home often and share it with us as we do confess, that we’ll miss you more than you could ever know, but know you must fly to make your own home.

Our daughter so sweet and pretty, it is New Year again, you are all we could wish for, and every year sees us prouder and happier as you succeed with your life. We wish you warmth and joy as this year unfolds, and love you always.

You are the apple of our eye and as this new year approaches, we wish you every success and joy as you start this new year, so all the luck and light to our beloved, and may your horizons be bright.