New Year Wishes for Dentist

Thanks to your help and support,
Eating is a pleasure and smiling is a gesture,
That I can utilise every day,
Brushing my teeth is essential,
And encouraged by you,
Now my mouth is completely glowing,
In a brilliant white, its true!

Where would we be without some smiles,
That widening of the face that expresses happiness,
Where would we be without some smiles,
That simple sentiment of delight,
Where would we be without a smile,
Easily the best feature of many faces,
Where would we be without a smile,
That common sight shared between all races.
Happy New Year and keep smiling.

Happy New Year you master of the mouth,
You do a great job but I don’t wish to know how,
I like to smile at others and also the mirror,
And even though vanity makes me a sinner,
Because of you I always feel like a winner.

I love to smile at Easter,
Knowing chocolate won’t defeat my strong teeth,
I love to smile in summer,
As it represents my happy feelings underneath,
I love to smile around the year,
Because cheer is one of my beliefs,
And I love to smile on New Year,
Please accept this poem as thanks from me.

You are my dentist,
Because that’s your occupation,
You are my beautician,
Because you keep my face looking pretty,
You are my surgeon,
Because you pull through in hopeless situations,
You are my friend,
Because you’re there when times are a pity.
Happy New Year.

Smile like you mean it,
Smile like it’s your first smile,
Smile because you love life,
Smile for a while,
Smile at every opportunity,
Smile when you’re down,
Smile at your children, ‘
Smile instead of making frowns,
Thank you for bringing out the best in my smile,
Have a happy new year.

Using mirrors and other tools,
You bring joy to my teeth,
Chanting random numbers to nurses,
That are double dutch to me,
I swill my mouth with pink water,
And the inside is then clean,
When the numbness goes away,
I can see my teeth have a gleam.
Happy New Year.

When I’ve bitten off more than I can chew,
I still manage to relax knowing I can rely on you,
And when my toothbrush will only work if I try,
I know your services will be here till I die.
Happy New Year.

My teeth are bright and my teeth are strong,
My teeth are so white that I might write a song,
My teeth are clean and my teeth are smooth,
My teeth are a dream and it’s partially because of you.
Happy New Year.

You have looked after my teeth,
So I’d like to look after you too,
You have given me clear coloured fillings,
Even though there’s only a few,
You have told me to brush,
After every meal or every few beers,
So from me to you, have a happy new year.