New Year Wishes for Doctors

You’ve checked my blood,
You’ve checked my teeth,
You’ve checked my bones,
You know I breathe,
You give me medicine,
You give me hope,
You should be worshipped,
Just like the Pope.
Happy New Year.

I call my doctor when I’m angry,
I call my doctor when I’m not,
I call my doctor when I’m chilly,
I call my doctor when I’m hot,
I call my doctor in the morning,
I call my doctor in the night,
I call my doctor for everything,
Because he tells me I’ll be alright.
Happy New year.

Occasionally you must lose your patience,
With one or two or all of your patients,
And even though jobs are to be done,
What is to say that it can’t be good fun,
Life of a doctor is beautiful and strange,
And even though it must often be insane,
Have a happy new year and start again.

They say break a leg,
But I’d prefer it if you would fix it,
I can’t offer you money,
Although how about my favourite biscuits?
Listen to my heart,
As it is 100% sincere,
So I mean every word,
When I wish you a very happy new year.

When I step into your surgery,
You know something is wrong,
However when I make my exit,
I almost erupt with a song,
Dedicated to you,
My vocal charms should cast a spell,
As you have been the difference,
Between comfort and hell.
Happy New Year.

My new years wish to you,
Takes the form of this poem,
And I hope it is bright,
Whether it’s raining or snowing,
Not everyone can help me,
Although sometimes it’s just knowing,
That i am hurt underneath,
Even though it’s not showing.

Ever since I was a youngster,
You have monitored by temper,
My tendencies and general behaviour,
And as I got older,
You became my saviour,
Throughout my many emotional flavours,
So I’d like to savour,
This chance to wish the,
Happiest of new years to you, my doctor.

This year you will come across more broken legs,
More ruptured spleens and more bruised heads,
More kidney failures and more swollen glands,
More shattered ribs and more scarred hands,
However don’t forget that you too are prone to accidents,
And could require some care indeed,
So while you are still conscious and healthy,
Diagnose your new year with glee.

Doctor doctor, I fell off the wall,
Doctor doctor, I need some help,
Doctor doctor, I did a daft thing,
Doctor doctor, I feel I might melt,
Doctor doctor, I’ve drank too much beer,
Doctor doctor, have a happy new year.

One day I want to be a doctor,
So I can help others enjoy life,
To aid and fix the pains of people,
Of which these things are surely rife,
One day I want to be a doctor,
With a family and a wife.
happy New Year.