New Year Wishes for Elders

You’ve helped to raise me,
You’ve helped to praise me,
You’ve helped to love me,
And you’ve helped to push me,
It’s my turn to return this kindness,
And I’d like to start by wishing you well,
I hope you and this year do truly gel.

Happy new year you happy old soul,
Hopefully you have now achieved most of your goals,
But if not, may these words lift your spirit,
There’s still time left,
So if you’ve got it, just give it!
Happy New Year.

New year means new beginnings,
A brand new set of innings,
So aim for the fence on every last swing,
Even if competition isn’t your thing,
Be the best you can be,
During every one of life’s stages,
As you never know what’s on the next page,
May new year be happy,
Whatever your age.

You shaped this country,
You shaped the truth,
You were always genuine,
And never obtuse,
Your age gives grace,
And is never uncouth,
I realise my place,
And its under you,
For you have shaped my life,
Throughout all of yours,
So happy new year,
And may it open new doors.

I hope during this time of year,
You’re still able to finish your beer,
Walk down the street without a Zimmerframe,
Smile during embarrassment,
Without feeling shame,
May the Lord praise you and keep you on your feet,
Until this time next year at least.

What a wonderful feeling I have,
I can sing and dance and run for miles,
What a wonderful feeling I have,
Loving all animals, even crocodiles,
What a wonderful feeling I have,
Sharing my excitement with others,
What a wonderful feeling I have,
Wishing a happy new year to you and your lover.

New year is for babies and toddlers and those terrible twos,
It is for Cola lovers and Pepsi lovers and those who can’t choose,
New year is for infants and graduates and those in between,
It is also for you and everyone else who is chasing a dream.

Happy new year you funny old goat,
Forgive my sarcasm as i’ll soon be in the same boat,
You’ve lived and cried and seen others die,
At least you know you’ve given life a good try,
You’ve stuck to your guns like glue,
So a happy new year to you.

Christmas was brill,
Let’s hope new year is even better,
Last year it rained,
Maybe this year it’s wetter,
If Mother Nature shall try and dampen our spirits,
May we not let her.

May my new years wish find you well,
As you have stood in front of me,
faced with the gates of hell,
You’ve cuddled me better and held my hand,
When everything seemed too tough for any one man,
May my new years wish bring a a tear to your eye,
Because without you I would most certainly die.