New Year Wishes for Employers

May the year ahead bring joy for everyone
And each day seem to be part of a great song
That is sung in unison
For health, happiness and mirth for everyone!

May the New Year prove to be a success
For each one of us so that
The reputation of the organization remain intact
In our hands and may we find
Happiness through our work and
Fulfillment of our honest aspirations.

May prosperity follow each one of this organization
Like a shadow of one’s own self,
And illumine the journey ahead giving each one
Health, happiness and vigour to overcome every complication!

It is an accomplishment to work together harmoniously
Like the strings of a Stradivari,
So that the output of this journey feels lyrical in the hearts
And minds of each of the agents of
Change and progression that this company may boast of
This year and in time to come.

Life is a medley of song
And each one of us sing in chorus
To make this story of success
Pleasant and long.
Ode to the strength of many including
The original visionaries
As the clock strikes twelve before the
Commencement of another year.

May we raise a toast for all the efforts
Put forward jointly in the big success
Of our grand team. Let us also vow to
Do the same in coming time and show
The rest, how the game is played in and
Out of this company.

The time we spend away from the comfort of
Our own homes are spent well. Because we enjoy
The rest of the day in engaging activities that we
Love and most importantly every small efforts of
Ours are acknowledged and rewarded. Courtesy you,
We developed what me may genuinely call a home away
From home and our strong bond help us to go on
Even in hours of personal crisis. On the eve of this
New Year may we express our sincerest gratitude
For what we have received so far and on the promise
Of a new day!

This small world of hours seemed to be cocooned
From the gloom and doom of the outside world.
We seemed to be together on an island marooned
Where happiness does not seem to be an alien word.
It is true that we too have our hours of challenges and crises
Yet we have never learnt to succumb under pressure.
Owing to your guidance we have managed perfecting every
Step of our journey onward and thoroughly enjoyed the process.
So when the bells of New Year are ringing on the horizon,
Let us take the opportunity to express
Our gratitude for your kindness!

The path to glory is strewn of thorns
The road to accomplishment may be filled with potholes.
But we are one bunch which have not learnt to be discouraged
By the roughness of the ride or the length of the expedition.
For we believe in you as much as we believe in ourselves
That with your guidance we know we can travel the distance.

You have made us understand the value of being together
Through thick and thin, so that, this trip of ours may
Howsoever difficult we do not forget to survey the enchantment
Of the world. Nor do we forget the delight in shared success,
And even greater than that our thankfulness to express
As another New voyage starts.