New Year Wishes for Engineers

What have we here?
An engineer.
Is he civil?
He is,
related to the public,
to us all.
Responsible for harbours, bridges, roads
conscious of weight and load baring walls.
Making sure they do not fall.
So, from all of us,
May the new year bring engineers
happiness and sustainability in all projects.

Engineers come in a variety of flavours
They spend their time doing us favours.
General, Civil,
they help with our living.
Mechanical, electrical and biomedical
some are women
and some are men.
May all engineers have a
prosperous and joyful new year.

Structural engineers
prop up our world.
These highly skilled designers
with flags
Top off buildings
with a roof top party.
May engineers be supported in the new year.
May they find love and joy
in their day to day planning
and scheming.

Engineers enjoy a challenge.
They have abundant expertise
Can be seen on their knees
They respond to
critical project infrastructure.
May they have time in the new year
to get to know their home furniture
and have a well-earned rest.

The work engineers do
is gob-smackingly
I spend my time
at the tallest buildings
in the world.
In the desert, soar
240 m high towers
and the world’s largest
shopping mall.
I wish I had a pal
who is an engineer.
Then I could understand
how they make the land
big structures.
May the fabric of new year
wrap engineers
in health and love.

receive accolades
by the bucket full.
They incorporate
wind turbines
when there is a lull,
tangible relationships with
wind dynamics.
May all engineers in the new year
not be blown away.

Our urban habitat
is where we live,
in city and in town.
Engineers design
our environments,
so when we look down
and into
the craters,
with no alligators
and wonder.
We know the engineers are taking a
holistic approach.
May all engineers
experience a culturally-led,
happy and joyful new year.


May engineers be rewarded
for the innovation and
pleasure they bring into our lives.
The forms they generate
we must not hate.
We must open our minds
and eyes.
The responsibility
for our world,
they carry
on their hard hats.
May they have all
their heart desires in the new year.

I saw a green building
a literal
living structure
with green foliage
cascading down the façade.
The building has fins
made from glass
and all energy needs are
solar panelled.
The beautiful form
is a working space.
Should we not all
be living in sustainable buildings?
May the clever, creative designer
be blessed
and find spiritual rewards
for work done well
in the new year.
May engineers
be respected and