New Year Wishes for Ex-Boss

You gave me a chance
to show what I can do.
Without a second glance
you gave me
my first job.
I earned only a few bob
but was pleased
and you eased me into
a working life.
Thank you for helping me
at the beginning.
May you, my ex boss,
have everything your heart desires
at the beginning
in this new year.

You were a good boss
Now an ex-boss.
You kept us on our toes,
listened to our many woes
and gripes.
You prodded us on
to make more
do better.
Encouragement came in the form of a letter.
On behalf of all the people you bossed -
thank you.
May your New Year be a happy one.

A bossy boss you were
but we all liked you.
You knew us well
you were always fair.
We worked as a team
with you at our helm.
You kept us afloat
up-righted the boat
when it looked as if we
were getting lost at sea.
Thanks for your guidance.
May you find happiness in your new job
in the New Year.

best boss
I miss you boss.
It is my loss
that I had to toss
away the dross
over the years
on window sills
and in drawers.
Now all is ready for a new beginning.
I can still hear you singing
Should auld acquaintance be forgot.
I will not forget you ex-boss.
May you New Year be a good one.

Boss now that you are gone
I will have to move along.
But for a while
I remember your smile.
Ex-boss I remember how things used to be
Do come along and call on me.
Someday the world I used to know
will come again and make me glow.
You chose to leave it all behind
leave the toil, the pace, the grind.
May your New Year be a prosperous,
peaceful and happy one.

We watched so many seasons come
and watched many old years go.
We started the days at the crack of dawn
But about each other
not much was known.
The days at work served us well
goods to price and what to sell.
We had a good life
without getting fat.
Now its up to me to feed the cat.
Happy New Year ex-boss.
May your new days be happy.

I want to write my ex-boss
words she will remember.
Words to recognise the years,
that never reached her ears.

I loved my ex-boss
and he never could see
that everything I did
was for him and for me.
I wore my best dresses
as I typed all his letters.
My hair changed every day
and he never did say
how nice I looked.
I cooked
and made him cookies and cake
which he always ate.
I was never late
with reports and files
I ran around that office,
covered some miles.
he left.
And now I can see
that everything I do
I do just for me.
And it is best that way.
Ex-boss, best new year
and goodbye.