New Year Wishes for Ex-Colleague

I miss you friend with all my heart. You had to make a brand new start. My morning breaks are not the same, since you started working for another company name. Alas alack, oh woe is me. Stuck in this office, without my bestie. Never mind, let’s rejoice and cheer. For this coming New Year.

My ex-work colleague, when I first met you I was very intrigued. You always arrived to work on time, and various tasks you handled with great ease. It’s sad that you have to go. Just know that we will miss you so. Happy New Year to you and yours. Make this year the best and keep tackling those chores.

You always made work days so much fun. And for this reason you’ll always rank highly as number one. Congratulating you on your brand new job. Even though you leaving makes me want to sob. I’m happy that you are doing so well. And from my New Year Greetings and happy smile, you can tell.

Missing you guys so much these days. And thoughts of working with you makes me happy in so many ways. You were a bunch truly full of fun. Even when it was raining you brought out the sun. I want to wish you Happy New Year. Enjoy yourself and in thoughts keep me near.

The shining one has now moved on. To pastures greener, we miss you, but this is not a sad song. Keep making those power moves as doing so proves. You are truly awesome and have admirable work skills. Happy New Year!

Today at work will be your last. Moving on to the future, letting go of the past. Your work was top quality. And your new manager and boss are very lucky. Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Have a beautiful life and know we’ll miss you dear.

It’s been quite a while since you left our company. The fact that we still remember you shows that your conduct always demonstrated true quality. Before this year closes, let’s take out some time. To let you know that your bright light still shines.

A wonderful, funny and awesome crew. I know you thought I forgot about you. But you are so incredible it’s true. I really do miss working with you. Have an awesome New Year. And I hope I am the first to send you my wishes sincere.

Although I admit I don’t miss the heavy work load. I can’t stop thinking of you, since starting on this new career road. You taught me so much, while at your company I was employed. And working for you, I thoroughly enjoyed. So today I want to say to you. Happy New Year and continue making dreams come true.

New Year Greetings. We miss you working with us. Your contribution was a huge plus. But although we regret saying goodbye. We wish you well, on that you can rely.