New Year Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy new year and blessings to you,
Our love is so perfect and true ,
Fitting like a glove in the most beautiful shape,
Our future dreams and peace we can relate

We can be ready for another big year
With love and dreams we have nothing to fear!

Let’s get drunk on love and dreams this year
As the clock strikes 12 we can send out the cheers!

The best girlfriend in the world deserves a celebration,
So this year will be full of love and jubilation!

As the countdown to a new year begins,
We can dance and drink to the violins,
The sound of love is in the air,
And we can celebrate without a care!

The New Years Holiday id full of riches
Tastes and sights to bear witness
But the greatest of them all without a doubt
Is my love for you with which I reach out

Celebrating New Years can be magical thing to do,
But it wouldn’t mean a thing without you

The festive period and the New Year
Can be for us full of loving joy and cheer

The timeless splendor of a holiday relax
Can bring the best out in our happiness
The candle light can burn to the wicks of the wax
As we spend days and nights in gladness

To my girlfriend I promise the perfect time
A New Years festival with song and wine
The absolute best of family and friends
The joy can last all year and does not have to end

The memory of a precious New Years can last for 12 months
This one will be a game with which we both come up trumps

Happy New Years to my perfect girl
I can see that we are blessed and can give life a whirl
The time to dance and drink is here again
With our love and good luck we won’t get caught in the rain

2015 can be a wonderful year
Let’s drink to that and make it clear!

This year’s party can be one to cherish
The New Year’s joy never has to perish
We can be happy and peaceful all year long
With love in our heart and singing a song!

To my perfect girlfriend:
On this day of the New Year
We can celebrate the fireworks with nothing to fear
With love at our side
We can go up with no slide
As the dreams of our lives
Become reality entwined

Happy New Year to my one true love
It is time to experience the best from above
The party’s and friends can all be a laugh
But it all means nothing without the other half