New Year Wishes for Health

Happy New Year! May the next 12 months bring you happiness, wealth and above all, good health for you, your family and all you hold dear.

After your recent bout of ill health, here’s hoping that the new year brings you renewed vigour and vitality, allowing you tackle the trials and tribulations of the next 12 months with ease and joy.

I was so sorry to hear about your recent illness and the stress this has caused you and your family. I wish you a happy new year, and a spell of good fortune that sees you once again fighting fit and back on your feet in time for January. Best regards.

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping it brings you health, happiness and prosperity. My you and your family be protected from illness, misadventure and poor furtune and instead be bestowed with a strong constitution and the ability to tackle all obstacles that should fall in your path.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year, full of prosperity of the both the body and soul. May you grow fitter, stronger, and healthier, so that no illness or misfortune can hold you back in your endeavours. May your family also retain and grow their good health, so that all whom you hold dear my enjoy a further 12 months of health and happiness.

Happy New Year to a sickly friend. I hope your illness doesn’t preclude you from taking part in all the traditional festivities, and that January brings you a speedy recovery. Hope to see you feeeling well again soon.

After your run of poor health, may we all wish you very many happy returns for the new year, and that the next 12 months restores you to complete health, for the enjoyment of you and your family.

There are many wishes one makes at this time of year, as the old year passes and a new one begins – health, happiness, good fortune, even riches, or fame. However, of all these wishes, the most important is health. With our health we have everything we need to be happy, to make our luck, and these bring greater joy than fame or fortune ever could. So, Happy New Year to a treasured friend, I hope as the seasons of this next year pass, they continue to find you in the greatest of health, so that you may face the challenges of the coming months with the vim and the vigour you commonly possess.

To my doctor, thank you for treating myself, my family, and all your patients this year, defending our health and healing us so that we may go on to have a very happy new year; I hope you have one too.