New Year Wishes for Husband

As I reflect on all of the years gone by, I realise that we’ve shared much laughter and tears. Despite all the challenges, throughout the years, our love has endured and flourished, remaining strong and true and the words I love you still flow so easily from my lips and you still smile as sweetly as you used to, when I say those words to you. Happy New Year Beloved!

Even though many years have passed by, since we were newly weds and furrows and wrinkles tell of years spent. That twinkle in your eye that sparkles whenever I enter a room remains ever present. New Year Blessings!

Beauty they say is in the of the beholder and while we prepare to bring in another new year, let me say that you are even more handsome to me today, than when first I laid eyes on you. Happy New Year Husband!

As a new year approaches, I wonder what it has in store for you and me. However, I rest assured that whatever the following months bring, our love will remain solid, blessed and everlasting. Wishing you a beautiful New Year my dear Husband!

Happy New Year, my dear darling Husband. Let me take this opportunity to let you know how much I love you so. As one year draws to a close and another new one arrives, our love continues to thrive and every moment of our union carries a blessed and sweet surprise.

Dear Husband, you are my best friend, my confident and the one that I hold close to my heart, always in all ways. Let me share with you my sentiments, while I wish you a Happy New Year, my darling dear.

When I say Happy New Year to you, I am actually saying it to myself too, because although you and me make two, our unification reflects a unity that equals oneness and a divine love so pure and so true.

The time we’ve spent together, as husband and wife, have been the most precious days of my life. I truly cherish the love you give to me and I will always be your one and only devoted Wifey.

Wishing you my husband a Happy New Year and let me make it very clear that you are still, and always will be the apple of my eye and the one I hold so dear. Since you made me your bride, you have brought so much joy to my life and each day spent with you, for me is like a wonderful dream come true.

We knew we were soul mates from day one and since we’ve been married, our union has brought us so much fun. You are my heart’s desire and your love ignites within me a burning fire. No matter how many years pass us by, it always remains you and I. So let me take this moment to say, Happy New Year and a happy every single day.