New Year Wishes for Loved Ones

Hide this indication For me, this world revolves around you
For you, your lives’ axes are firmly rooted in me.
You fan the fresh air to burst on my face in glee
While, I bring warmth to the core of your hearts and also hilarity.
It is living that is earnest which is lived for others
We live in unison and resonate in the tune of each other.

The seed for this tree of life has been planted by you
You have watered it everyday to let it joyfully burst forth
From the soil. You ensured that this plant is not burnt under
The scorching heat of sun. You also made sure it gets enough
Food to be strong and tall. And now it is harvest time and the
Fruit that you can reap from it is my love and shared joy for you.

When I was young you played with me
As I grew little older I was taught many
Things by you that perhaps sometimes I hated to learn.
But you were patient with me and helped me become
What I am today. So this new year’s eve I owe everyone
A warm hug and even a sweeter kiss.

We have treaded the path together in days when
The sky was cloudy and every step was welcomed with
Threatening of storm and deluge.
We also were together when the tenderness of sunshine
Warmed us and edged us on to destination unknown
And never get tired on the way or seek refuge.
We still are traveling together and we will do so in time to come
As we only know how well we can. To you, to this road
And the pleasures and pain of this journey my salute!

As the sun was bright the dandelions were upright
Even being rooted in the bosom of earth;
When the sun was mellow the sunflowers still found delight
In searching its Helios and feeling the warmth.
Let us be following that sunflowers and dandelions
Who never forget their gratitude towards the sun
On receiving the nourishment, love and benison.

Your presence embalmed my ruffled mind
You consoled my heart shaken with grief
You partook in my joy silently but even more than I did.
Let me reward you this new year’s eve with all my
Respect, gratitude and appreciation that my heart can gift.

When the time is rough you show me how to be tough
And when the road is smooth you teach me not to scurry.
So I do not ignore noticing the roadside sceneries and the grace
And most importantly the light on your lovely face.

You are the core of my existence,
You are the mean for my sustenance,
You are the inspiration fuelling my progress,
As much as you are the reason for my happiness.

You are the heart with whom I share my joys to see it increase
You are the soul with whom I discuss my pain to see it ease
You are the admirer in whose eyes I see the prizes of every effort of mine
You are the guide whom I trust intrinsically to know the right path of mine
You are many more things to me than I am ever capable of expressing
This New Year’s Eve then, let us engage in warm hugging.

The chilly winter months roll on to rapturous spring
And spring rolls on to the heat and dust of summer
The sunshine becomes mellifluous in autumn before
Autumn too slumbers before culminating into winter.
Through these changes only one thing remain constant
The abundance of our affection for each other.