New Year Wishes for Lover

Our love is beautiful, our love is fine, I’m glad you’re mine as we share new years eve, but if you ever leave I’ll pine and fret, so together and happy for this year is my heartfelt bet!

You have made my life so very complete, and that in itself is no mean feat. I was lonely and shy, I cannot lie, but these past few months, you have bought me joy and fun, so continue this New Year to be my beloved hun’

Our love is fine, our love is true, and I know that this New Year we’ll never be blue if we stick ourselves to each other, just like loving glue. Never to part and always see a way through, because my love and passion for you will always feel new!

Exciting and bright, the New year’s in sight, and with so much hope and love in my heart, for the one I love. So go forwards with me and let the journey unfold, for to have your hand always in mine, would be so fine.

Walk with me into the New Year, and let our love unfold like the seasons, spring summer and fall, and I hope this year sees us become ever closer as winters draws near again, but never fear, as my love will always be near.

The sky at night sparkles as the new year’s chimes spread their joy, and your eyes light up in mine as bright as any star. I hope all your dreams come true this coming year, and be assured I’ll always be near.

New Year’s eve is a time for promises and wishes, but for you my love, my only wish is for a lovely and wonderful year with you and a warmth that just keeps growing and growing every year.

Happy New year to one so dear, it’s the time again to make promises clear, so let love reign and let’s start anew, it’s a chance my love, that’s only given to those, who love like me and you.

So another new year unfolds, and we are wonderfully, still together. Hopeful like spring, loving and warm like summer, fruitful like fall, and peaceful and cosy like winter, I hope our love deepens even more, and this New Year brings even more joy to our lives together.

May this New Year see us moving forwards into the bright new future we have created for ourselves, and may it be the first of many spent together.

A very happy New Year to my darling love. You have made my life complete this past year, and I look forwards to all the wonderful times we will have as we step out together on this, our first New Year’s eve together.

You love makes me want to climb mountains, your love makes me want to sing. With you at my side I can overcome anything, so may this New Year bring all you could ever wish for!