New Year Wishes for Nephew

You really are a wonderful nephew and I hope that all of your goals, wishes and aspirations in life come true. May this New Year be a very great and wonderfully special one for you. My dear nephew, keep doing the awesome things that you do.

My nephew I am so proud of you. You coming into this world was truly a dream come true. As we say goodbye to one year and hello to the new. Remember there are no limits to the exciting and wonderful things in store for you. Happy New Year!

Every year we should recognise that we are truly blessed. Because we are given many more opportunities to do our very best. Keep striving for your goals my nephew, make sure you ace every test and make this New Year much better than the rest.

Season’s Greetings to you my beloved nephew. You should really know how much I absolutely adore you. Such a source of pride you are to your Mom and Dad. You make us all feel happy, when days are down and sad. Enjoy the New Year and make it divine. Your magical smile always makes it shine.

Happy New Year! You are growing up so fast and every day you become more lovely than the last. You are a gift to us all, my nephew dear and we always get happy whenever you are near.

Although I know last year was a test. It’s time for you to prove that you are the very best. Let your light shine and let no other contest that you are indeed truly blessed. Happy New Year Nephew!

Last year was happy, but this new one will be great. And for this reason, I truly can’t wait. You make it as such, my dear beloved nephew. You’re a truly special guy and we really appreciate you. Happy New Year!

Every single New Year brings with it the promise of change. It’s a time that things can be completely rearranged. So let me take a minute to send you love that is true. While sharing my, greetings and great hopes for you my adorable nephew.

Precious moments are always cherished and held in high esteem. You and the rest of our beautiful family make such a great team. Bringing special times into the year that we are now releasing. While promising so much more to come, for the New Year that we are greeting.

Nephew, dear nephew, what a special one you are. You truly are one of the brightest of the shining stars. May this year bring with it all great things that are very nice. And you’re certainly not made of frogs and snails, but of sugar and spice.

What a special nephew I have. And for this very reason, I’m so proud, so pleased. So let me share with you my New Year wish, with a big hug from Uncle and from Aunt a huge kiss.