New Year Wishes for Old Friends

May this New Year brings tide of events
Varied and pleasant
To nourish your experience and zeal for life.
And supply you with greater
Vigor to pursue you dreams and never meander
In the contrary winds and strife.

May you forever hold in your face the sparkles of laughter
That gladdens every heart.
May the twinkle of your eyes never lose its shine
And remain kind always.
May the air that you breathe be filled with fragrant
Smells of exotic flowers.
May the kindness that you show for everyone returns
To you with unbelievable treasures.

With every passing year, this tie of friendship grows stronger.
Who then says that time erodes everything?
Let them prove to us that in our mutual admiration we have
Not became healthier, happier and richer?

Remember the winter when in our childish whim
We wove bracelets of daisies and putting around
Each other’s wrists taking vows of everlasting friendship?
The daisies became withered and the winter faded
But our affection for each other stood the test of time.
Today on standing under the benevolent sun of a new year’s morn
I send you invisible threads of love and affection
For you to tie once more around your arms.

May this New Year hurry to bring its riches
And shower you with glowing praise,
For all that you have done for this friend of yours
When I desperately needed to have confidence
In this life of ours and its beautiful sustenance.

See how the soft sunlight of early morning is spreading
A rose tinted shade on the snow-white path,
How the blushing Daphne is permeating the air
With its ethereal scent. See how the thrushes are waiting
Expectedly among the lowly bushes and branches of
The cherry blossom tree.
They are all waiting patiently to welcome and
Give you a warm embrace,
Just like this old friend of yours whose joys for the
Year can only be fulfilled after beholding a thing
As dear as your face.

Come dear,
Give me a hug and have cheer,
For the sake
Of old time and assurances
Of another day.
For what is life than meeting
With strangers,
And sighing without any avenger
For sickness and torture.
Sometimes I fear
The hearty moments that we share
May suddenly disappear.
But let us push aside the cares,
Making our stays merrier,
And thoroughly enjoy the ushering
Of another New Year!

The tenderness we bore for each other
Since our childhood days,
Did not manage to escape the snare
Of time in any ways.
But much to the joys of our examiner
We cleared the tests every day.
And in the process our trust in other
Only grew stronger,
To absorb in itself all despair and emit
Even brighter rays.

The joys of life are anyway immeasurable
But joys shared with you are limitless.
The ills of life are anyway uncountable
But a shared burden never causes much distress.
The days when glorious sunshine shower warmth
On mankind are anyway incalculable
Yet basking under the sun with a friend feels rarefied.
The hours when dark heavy cloud hovers above
And bullies us are no way a rarity
Yet tolerable with a friend like you on my side.

On the eve of this New Year let me gift
This special bouquet to you:
A hyacinth for your sincerity,
A hibiscus for your delicate beauty,
An iris for unrelenting inspiration,
A stargazer for fulfillment of your ambition,
A Yarrow for good health,
A tuberose for joy and mirth,
A ruby chrysanthemum for your charity,
A zinnia as an ode to our amity,
And a geranium for every comfort
To complete with a forget-me-not!