New Year Wishes for Parents

One new year in, one old year out,
A passing of ways, one comes in, one goes out,
Just like new shoots at the dawn of each spring,
The old growth falls back to let new growth begin,
The cycle of life, a fresh burst of zest,
They say things must change, but nevertheless,
My parents, I’ll love you, for always and dear,
My parents, I wish you a prosperous New Year.

Another year gone and a New Year ahead,
Yesterday’s problems are all put to bed,
Two people I thank in times of reflection,
My lovely parents whom I hold such affection.

As we wave goodbye to a year just passed,
We look ahead, we raise a glass,
To brand new hopes and brand new dreams,
Of big ideas with brand new themes,
Pray, this year, we will climb so high,
We’ll reach the top, we’ll reach the sky,
This year will bring us something new,
My parents, it’s all thanks to you.

Come twelve o’clock, come midnight,
We wait with bated breath,
We sure have had a good night,
How many chimes are left?
At last the clock strikes midnight,
Our New Year’s Day is here,
My parents, I hold you both tight,
I wish you a prosperous New Year.

Daddy, dear, on New Year’s Eve, you like to push the boat out,
Daddy, dear, on New Year’s Eve, mind how you push that boat out,
You celebrate, ’til it gets late, when everybody’s yawning,
But the owner of the boat lake says you’re on your final warning.

Mother and father, whom both I hold dear,
I love you, I thank you, Happy New Year.

Mommy dearest,
You’re the nearest,
To a queen, yes, it’s true,
You are right here,
Happy New Year,
May your dreams all come true.

Daddy dearest,
You’re the nearest,
To a king, yes, it’s true
You bring life here,
Happy New Year,
For your help, I thank you.

Parents dearest,
You’re the nearest,
To a miracle, it’s true,
Spreading love here,
Happy New Year,
May you always be you.

A rigid bond impossible to break,
Smiles and memories as I lie awake,
Midnight chimes, a glorious night,
The future’s here, alive and bright,
Happy New Year.

You brought me to his world,
You taught me right from wrong,
You tucked me into bed,
For sleep, you sang a song,
You wiped away my tears,
You raised me tall and proud,
I wish you a Happy New Year,
And I say it out aloud.

Did I ever tell you how I’ve always loved you, Mom?
Did I ever appreciate the million things you’ve done?
Did I ever thank you for the times you’ve helped me out,
Or how you gave me comfort through my tears and through my doubt?
I owe you so much, Mommy, you are my number one,
So here’s my New Year’s wish to you, my caring, loving Mom.