New Year Wishes for Pastor

Hide this indication All year long
you have guided our community.
You have given comfort
and love.
These new year wishes
are sent to wish you
peace, joy and happiness in the new year.

new year wishes
are sent from all of us
who made a fuss
who called on you at times of need
when things were fine, we did not heed
your attention.
May you be blessed in the new year.

You blessed us all throughout the year
On every Sunday morn.
In all weather,
in your Sunday gear
Your smiles lit up faces of scorn.

We sing songs for people we do not know
and for folk we will never meet.
It is a loving thing
you teach us, pastor.
Thank you for what you say,
for not leaving and going away.
Thank you for the guidance yesterday
and the way
you welcome young and old
into the fold
of our church.

May our pastor
Find a peaceful way
to cope with every trouble he has to bear
Lord, strengthen him with Your tender care
He cares for the church and his family
and there is so much he has to do
he needs You.
Shelter him through the coming year
in Your loving arms
Keep him safe from unseen harm.
Remove all fears and all doubt
May the new year bring all he is due
And bring his people closer to You

At both ends of life
you are always there
at death,
and birth of babies fair.

You work to unify us in faith,
to spread the work of the ministry.
Just like the prophets and evangelists of old,
You spread the word
with phrases of gold.
You touch our hearts
with your kindnesses.
Thank you.
May the new year bring you peace and rest.

As we are tossed to and fro
struggling on life’s rough road,
In our community you go
helping us bear the load.
Through thick and thin
you are there
with words that salve the wounds.
Thank you Pastor.
may your new year be a happy one.

Pastor you come to help us in our need.
You help our flailing race
with raised hands, kind words and grace
The bible you help us read.

You show us the steep way to heaven
along that rough and twisting road.
You pick us up
and with kind, wise words,
help us on our way.
Thank you pastor for being in our lives.
May the new year bring you peace and joy.

When our working days are done
we turn our heads away
from every glorious morning
and every heavenly day.
You help us, pastor, with open arms
to face the days that are done
and guide us to the ones to come.

We’ve been through it all my friends and me,
One time free
another tossed around like a tree
in a storm.
You. Pastor are warm,
have been a constant friend,
guiding through good and bad.
Thank you for being there
when we are sad.
Thank you for sharing when all is good
You laugh a lot
and bless us
whatever happens.
May your new year be full of love.
May you have a joyous and happy New Year.