New Year Wishes for Patients

Serene and calm, I hope you’ll find this New years eve to be, and healing and hopeful as tomorrow dawns, and a bright new future to see. So have good cheer from all of us who hold you dear, you’ll make it my dear, you’ll see!

Happy new year to one who has triumphed, but still has a way to go, keep fighting and trying and you’ll beat the sickness, probably all in one last go!

Nearly on your feet again as New years day approaches, the future’s clearer than its’ been for ages, and you’ll about to turn new pages to health, and strength all the way, and run again in the sun come what may.

Happy new year to someone whose courage to overcome has impressed all of us to turn over a new leaf. Let us all go together hand in hand and find us all whole and happy again this approaching year.

Although your days were dark, and you bravely faced such pain, be strong be glad as the worst is over and happy new year to one who’s now set to gain.

Broken bones may have stopped your stride this approaching New Years Eve, but as the year unfolds, may your limbs mend fast, because we’ll let you go home at last.

Always patient, always kind, your healing has been swift, now take the New years by the hand and heal any last rift, before the crutches are done and you are gone!

Be kind to yourself and rest a while to ponder this New Years Eve, which brings to you the hope of all of us, and wonder at the brand new year. So pick a star and make a wish and may all your illness disappear!

New years eve is time for hope, and time for healing anew, and where there’s hope there’s always love to help you finally triumph. So keep holding my hand and keep fighting the fight, and realize how loved you are, and know this new year will see you again, free from pain, and healthy at last.

Good health and wealth to you this New year, that finds you feverish and bed ridden, for I know that you’ll feel much better than those who partied until dawn, and stifle a yawn at the hangovers, because you’ll then quickly feel so much better.

New year’s wishes to you and we hope your dreams come true, as no one deserves them more, having been so ill you’re now on the mend, and will scale the hieghts once more!

Wish upon a new years star and you will surely see, an angel looking down on you, and healing for sure my dear, for you in special golden light, with loads of might, to set your dear heart free, to be all that you’d ever, ever want to be.