New Year Wishes for Pilots

Happy New Year from Malaysian Airlines,
Hopefully this wish truly finds,
You haven’t been the victim of a politician’s past time,
Ringing Mr Murdoch to stage the news,
Abuse a helpless few to lead the sheep into the blue,
Next time it could be you,
So think of us every time you wear your seat belt,
And prey incineration ain’t the reason your heart melts,
Malaysian Airlines is always here to help,
But it’s felt your air miles can be dealt,
Back to the pricks that make this world a living hell.

A flying fortress you control,
Paradise the goal,
A bunch of baggage in the belly?
Or a vehicle of soul?
Continue feeling whole,
On every trip across the bowl.
Happy New Year

To all pilots across the sky,
Remain safe when you’re up so high,
Remember those you love and always try,
To make new year another reason to fly.

Fly as high as a rocket,
Fly as high as a kite,
Just remain careful,
During you passages of night,
Fly into other realms,
Fly into your dreams,
Fly home to family,
And fly for anyone that means when they say,
Happy New Year.

Seeing distant places on the globe is a blessing,
As you could be centred in one place,
You are blessed by freedom of flight,
You travel quickly but it’s not a race,
Enjoy you future travels and hold your memories near,
On this special day, have a happy new year.

Where are you flying to this week?
Are you going to Rome or Paris or Budapest,
Lisbon or London or Freetown,
Cape Town, Key Largo or Bucharest,
Shanghai, Istanbul and the rest,
Are you flying to Naples or flying over the Belvedere,
Wherever you fly, be sure to have a good new year.

Please take me to paradise,
Please take me to the sea,
Please take me across borders,
Anything to please me,
Please take me to the sand,
Please take me to a faraway pier,
Please take a second to remind yourself,
To have a happy new year.

Another day another destination,
And another opportunity to be an angel,
For your are the lord or the skies,
And your fortress is my cheer,
Another day another destination,
And a chance to let the soul breathe,
For you are a bird without wings,
So fly high on this happy new year.

On this new years day, may you start a fresh,
And prosper in your endeavours till there’s only peace left,
On this new years day, may you feel content,
With every element of life with nothing to repent.
Happy New Year.

Fly like an angel and fly like a bee,
Fly like an eagle and fly towards me,
Fly into the hearts of those whom you serve,
And fly with the grace of a masterful bird.
Fly home for special times and enjoy fun and cheer,
Fly home today and enjoy a happy new year.