New Year Wishes for Professor

You taught me truth,
You taught me other people’s lies,
You showed me wisdom,
Even though some of it I despise,
You taught me enough,
To pass all my tests,
You taught me how to keep my cool,
And avoid landing myself in a mess,
You taught me well and to maintain some cheer,
So I’d just like to wish you a happy new year.

Happy new year sir,
Although university was a blur,
Because of things shaken and stirred,
It was your lessons I preferred,
And I’m sure you will concur.

You were my Jesus,
You were my Pythagoras,
You were my Saint,
Your wisdom was limitless,
You were my soldier,
At my side during hard times,
You were like a father,
Preventing me committing crimes,
My bond with you,
Enabled me to succeed, celebrate and cheer,
So on that note, have a happy new year.

Although I was often busy looking down your blouse,
The words from your mouth always sunk in,
It was fairly hard to focus because you always got me aroused,
However in your class I always thought I could win,
And even though we would regularly end in up in rows,
Accept my happy new year gesture, because this is me giving in.

As my professor you helped me to succeed,
By thinking outside of the box,
And encouraging me to read,
To say you taught me well is an understatement,
As you stopped me from straying down dangerous roads,
And always on the academic pavement.
Happy New Year.

Happy new year, have a beer on me,
Will your student become a somebody?
Keep your eye on my Twitter,
And you will soon see,
You gave me knowledge and direction,
So as I aim to chase my dreams,
I’d like to send you my affection.
Happy New Year.

At this time of year,
I’d like to wish those I love and respect,
The best of luck throughout their lives,
Life can sometimes be hard,
But even when you’re down,
Just get back up and give things another try.
Happy New Year.

I hope this new years wish finds you well,
And melts you heart like a candle to chocolate,
For in my mind, your teachings have gelled,
And a thank you gesture is the least I can do,
If you want to talk, just give me a bell,
And I will sing Happy New Year to you.

A fresh start is what we are granted,
On this day in which many become frantic,
Celebrations are rife as are new business tactics,
Just make sure your teaching methods don’t become drastic.
Happy New Year, lets completely have it!

You sat me down, you made me learn,
You always gave me, an equal turn,
You fed my head, many useful nuggets,
You maintained velocity, like the path of a bullet,
This New Years greeting is my thank you to you,
Because without you help, I would have no clue.