New Year Wishes for Relatives

Oh, Mother, you have loved me true,
So on this New Year’s Eve,
Through and through, I cheer for you,
For all you have achieved.

Oh, Mother, you have raised me true,
So on this New Year’s Day,
Through and through, I pray for you,
Don’t change in any way.

Oh, Mother, you have kept me true,
So let this New Year start,
All these years, you’ve held me dear,
I thank you from my heart.

Let’s raise a glass to the old year just gone,
A new dawn will break and a new year is born,
Out with the old and in with the new,
So this New Year’s greeting is aimed right at you.

Let’s say a toast to the new year just in,
As midnight approaches, we cheer and we sing,
Out with the old and in with the new,
A family greeting especially for you.

Father, dear Father
This fine New Year’s Day,
I am your child,
I have something to say,
You know that I love you,
For this is no joke,
Lend me ten dollars,
I’m totally broke.

Mother, you make our house a home,
Mother, you make my bed for me,
Oh, Mother, you make my breakfast, my lunch and my tea,
Mother, you make me laugh with the things that you say,
Happy New Year, dear Mother,
You’ve made me who I am today.

My sweetheart, my good wife,
Happy New Year,
My love for you, darling,
Is frank and sincere,
I promise our marriage,
Won’t end in divorce,
If you lend me some money,
To put on that horse.

Let’s not dwell upon the past,
As midnight starts to chime,
It’s New Year’s Eve, those days have passed,
So raise your glass of wine,
To family, prosperity,
The strongest bonds and ties,
Look forward to the future,
With optimistic eyes.

My dear darling father,
Happy New Year,
Your daughter sends greetings,
To her Daddy dear,
There’s no need to worry,
My love you won’t lose,
If you lend me some money,
To buy those new shoes.

Let’s ring the old year out,
Let’s ring the new year in,
Forget about our troubles,
We as a family sing.

Forget about the past,
And let the future in,
Life’s too short to worry,
We as a family sing.

December Thirty-first,
We dance and quench our thirst,
January One,
A family feast of fun.

To my favourite Uncle,
Happy New Year to you,
I hope your wishes, hopes and plans,
For this New Year come true.

Especially for my brother,
I come to greet and cheer,
I respect you so, my dearest bro,
I wish you a Happy New Year.

To my lovely sister,
My New Year’s greeting be,
For all the times, for all the ways,
You’ve loved and stood by me.

Auntie, I grant a New Year’s wish,
To make your dreams come true,
I love you so, dear Auntie,
Don’t ever stop being you.