New Year Wishes for Respected Person

Happy New Year to a most respected friend,
Someone upon whom I can always depend,
An individual deeply wise and caring,
A true mentor who’s knowledge is worth sharing!

All the best for the upcoming year,
With your wit and your wisdom there is nothing to fear,
I believe that you can make it a success,
And bring the wealth home straight to your address!

Many glad tidings for the brand new year,
I wish you the very best in good cheer,
The fact of the matter is you are one of the best,
And let it be said that you can put that to the test!

For a most respected teacher,
Your knowledge is a wonderful feature,
Have a wonderful year with nothing to fear ,
And keep your vision and dreams perfectly clear.

2015 approaches fast and brings with it a chance to dance,
A reason to enjoy life’s rich hues,
The patterns and symmetry that often ensue,
For a most respected person this is the time to prance!

To a person I deeply respect,
It is time for you to collect,
The positive thoughts and best wishes,
That we can use to build even more bridges.

Happy new year to one that I trust,
A person that offers so much,
One that is kind and willing to do good,
So here is a toast just as I should!

2015 is almost here
And here is an offering of good cheer,
To one that is respected so much,
A celebration is always in touch.

Happy New Year to a very special person,
A fun time will be had of that I am certain,
A gregarious individual who is passionate and hearty,
And one who will love a celebratory party!

The best of New Year wishes to a respected soul,
A person who’s ideals never grow old,
One with learning and exquisite taste,
And one who never wonders just how to replace,
The lost memories and hopes for adventure,
For with this wise individual it is never a losing venture!

Have a great and successful 2015!
A new year to meet completely unscreened,
A new opportunity to form original paths,
And another new year to not do things by halves!

As 2015 is finally here,
It is time to dance and bring the good cheer,
It is time for a party most welcome and fun,
There will plenty of time later for things to get done!

To a most respected member of the community,
It is time to remember the benefits of unity,
Of staying together through thick and thin,
Of complementing each other to produce a win,
This new year it can be time to take stock,
To contemplate and fell as secure as a lock.

Happy New Year to a most respected friend,
It is the happy season which does not have to end,
For we can go on smiling and happy,
Throughout the year that does not have to be snappy!