New Year Wishes for Seniors

Been there
done that,
and now it is time
for chocolates and wine
and doing just what like.
Enjoy the freedom.
Live every day fully
and may the new year bring you
health and happiness

May you remain safe
and comfortable
throughout the coming year.
Don’t spend your days
rocking in a chair.
Look at the sky
feel the warmth of the sun.
Then p ut your feet up when the day is done.

Senior citizens
are common.
There are a lot of ‘em.
They are elderly people,
Also known as Golden Oldies,
Old Age Pensioners
and Wrinklies.
But over sixty five
we are alive
and kicking.
May the new year bring you
fun, health and happiness.

People of senior rank
are ones we should thank.
They have done their time
walked the line
and now is the chance
to enjoy the last dance.
Have fun in the new year.
May your days be filled with joy and love.

Seniors have a life-time of memories.
They are a font of knowledge.
May you have time in the New Year
to remember
the bright days
the grey days
and the days best forgotten.
May the new year bring health and happiness.

Senior years have pleasures
different pleasures
from youthful ones.
A balanced life has
the perfect pattern
a rhythm of days.
Accumulated months of youth
maturity and seniority
stack up
and here we are with a
mountain of memories.
Enjoy every day of the new year.
Treasure every moment.

I wish you health
in the year to come
and wealth,
if you want some.
I wish you fun
in the year to come
and a gym pass
if you want to run.
I wish you joy
in the year to come
and a toy-boy
if you want one.
I wish you sunny days
and time to laze
under trees
with a balmy breeze.
Have a wonderful new year.

May the New Year
bring you love.
Remember you reap what you sow.
So love everyone
who crosses your path
don’t judge,
take them as they are.
So from afar
I send you all best wishes for the new year.
May you find joy
in the days to come.

I quite like being old
I don’t have to do what I am told.
I wonder no more
what it’s all about
I read a lot
and paint and shout.
The books I read
are not recommended
I shout the songs
I’ve just remembered.
The paintings are bold
with colours strong
nudes on horseback
riding along.
They are off to places
and up to no good
where seniors join them
and offer them food.
The food is soft
for folk with no teeth -
floury soup with little meat.
My days are fun
I’ve lost some weight.
I’m not ready yet
to close the gate.
Keep your gate open.
Let love and fun into your life
in this new year.