New Year Wishes for Sister

Happy New Year to the best sister!
The one who can make a perfect party,
Leaving everyone who arrives hale and hearty,
And never experiencing a bubble or a blister!

To a very special sister:
Wishing you the very best for the new year,
To experience hope and happiness without any fear,
To have a vision so bright and clear,
And to have a memorable holiday in top gear!

New Year hopes to the number one girl,
One who like to dance and twirl,
At any time of year, sunny or cold,
With a dream in her heart that never gets old!

My sister is someone with a heart,
A warmness and kindness that could be an art,
But if you take away her presents she might just forget,
How to behave with calmness, on that you could bet!

Happy New Year to a special sis,
Someone who knows the meaning of bliss,
It is to wake up to a party,
Full of friends feeling hearty,
Who want to celebrate in style,
And might so so for a while!

As 2015 quickly comes near,
It is time to pay respect to a sister so dear,
An affectionate nod to a sibling so sweet,
With plenty of time enjoy all the treats.

Happy new year to my sister,
All the best for the future,
And may you experience another great year!

To a sister so unique,
One who does not need a gang or a clique,
One that believes in herself for all the right reasons,
A joy and a warmth for all of the seasons,
Sister, when you receive this card,
Reflect on the dreams that can never be barred!

Happy new year to a sister so cool,
She’s always thinking up ways to rule,
All the kids in the hood no matter how old,
With a creative impulse that leaves the doubters struck cold!

Sister, sister, sister,
If you were not here,
I would miss ya,
The sound of your voice,
Can be a crucial rejoice,
Except in the morning
When there is hardly a warning,
Of Happy New Year shouts,
From inside and out!

New year dreams to a sister I look up to,
A person I admire for staying so true,
To beliefs and principles of worthy ambition,
A person going forward in life’s grand mission!

Happy New Year to my big sis,
One who looks out for me and never has to dis,
My style of dress or style of thought,
Because if she did she might get caught!

2015 can bring you some happy new dreams,
A New Year full of plans and schemes,
Here is hoping that they will all succeed,
And that you my sister, will have everything you need!

Happy new year to a sister so amazing,
That last year she was crystal gazing,
And saw in my future that I would have a fun time,
And she’ll do it again before the bells chime!
Happy New Year sis!