New Year Wishes for Someone Special

You do not know me because I always saw you
From a distance, surrounded by your numerous admirers.
Your eyes could not have pierced the crowd to see me,
Standing lonely at the corner of the street. But somehow,
My eyes perceived every movement of yours, seeing you
Smiling and shaking hands or blushing in the word of
Praise heaved upon you. For you I will remain obscure
But my wishes cannot. So this new year, let me tell you
That you are the best person in the world I have known
And thank you for being kind, loving and generous.

There remains a sea of distance between you and me
When you walk on the promenade people try cozying
Up with you. When I throw pebbles in the flowing water
The two who remain present there are the river and me.
But my heart remains at your side for whatever you do
Brings not only big success but happiness for me too.

I have watched you since my early puberty
You were my idol all along and as you grew older
To register one record after another against your name
It seemed to me that through you I found my life’s meaning.
This new year let me shower you with love and praise
For revealing in front of me the bright sunny face of the world
And not be tormented with its murky haze.

You helped me forget the dullness of my daily existence
The pettiness that sometimes threatened to grasp me.
You have shown that all things are possible if I only trust me
And have faith in my inner voice to show me the range of choice.
By following your footsteps I too have learnt the enjoyment
That living may bring forth and savored success
In my own way. May God bless you and fill your life with
Such pleasure and love that you have blossomed in other’s heart.

You are flame of the candle and I am its wick
You burn me but do so with warmth and joy.
You are the petal of drenched poppy in green grass
I am the dew hanging from its edge.
You are the vessel that I intend to fill with love
So that in time we both may be refreshed by it.

For me you embody the steadiness of North Star
Who is known to be the savior of the sailors.
For me you personify the crescent moon who changes
Everyday to evolve and not to diminish her beauty.
For me you signify the eternity, for you love
Shelters me under the changing colors of the sky
Much like the changeless march of time.

This New Year we will celebrate together,
Mixing the dough of the cake with compassion,
Baked by the warmth of our hearts,
And decorated with glitters of kindness,
Before icing with fervor and tenderness.

When you speak the melody of your utterances
Resonate deeply within my ears. When you work
Deep in concentration I do not stir from my place
In fear of disturbing you. And as you present your gift to me
On the eve of every New Year I find a new reason
To live through another four seasons.

When you look at me to speak with me
I hearken on every word of yours and
See through your light eyes the very depth
Of your loving heart. I quietly place my love
For you there in that holy abode
On the eve of this New Year!

A new dawn is breaking and the eastern sky is slowly
Shaking off its slumber. The darkness of its shrug
Is now being replaced by red curtain so that the beautiful
Morning may dress properly away from the mortal eyes.
It promises to be a glorious day and I sing my orison
For your health, wealth and happiness under the benevolent sun.