New Year Wishes for Staff

Hide this indication May the forthcoming year become
One joyful song for you.
With your friends cheering you in each
Of your endeavors;
And providing you with the support
That you may be in requirement of;
So that in another 365 days time you may be
Ready for welcoming another fresh year
Full of mirthful songs.

May this New Year you intrinsically
Understand the strength of your resolutions,
And the weight of your decisions.
May you accompany every wish of yours
With an even stronger commitment to the cause.
May you experience the euphoric joy of success,
Tranquility at home and fill your heart with kindness
For everyone standing in need of your assistance.

No matter how tough the road seems may you carry on,
No matter how bitter the time feels may you cheer on,
No matter how gloomy the day seems may you walk on,
No matter how lonely you feel on your journey may you stride on,
No matter how distant and elusive the dream is may you ride on,
No matter how hopeless the cause is may you strive on,
And in due time embrace the joys of success on the strength of this orison.

While celebrating another fresh beginning let me
Decorate this gift basket with the ‘fruits’ of our united labor;
A bunch of cherries for you to cherish the beauty of this life
And join in the celebrations with vigor;
Strawberries to provide you with zeal and inspirations for
Bouncing back higher from any setbacks you may suffer;
Plums, so that this universe abundantly blesses you with
Everlasting love and happiness; And oranges so that every
Legitimate wishes of yours are granted
By the grace of planet earth.

On the eve of this New Year do not forget
Collecting the tender love of moonlight inside your heart;
Do not ignore the stars of the night sky, our silent companions
Smiling, winking and cheering us all along;
Do not disregard the glory of morning sun and preserve its
Wisdom in your soul; Save the ruddy hue of the dawn
On your cheeks and pluck the crystal dewdrops from the edges
Of the grasses without breaking them to pieces.
For remember all through your life these will be the most
Valued objects for us that once forsaken
Can ever never be granted again.

A bouquet of love for each of my companions
Tied with pink ribbon of gratitude,
Sprinkled with glitters of our shared thoughts,
Decorated with green foliages of wealth indefinable
Presented in a vase of affections that defies the costliest
Murano glass is my gift for you my friends.

As a new dawn ushers on the horizon
A blushing cardinal, leaning on a thin branch is
Chirping and begging us to wake up, to brace ourselves
For newer prospects.
Two hummingbirds sitting near the hedges
Are urging us to embrace the joys of life
And forget the wounds of the past.
A magpie is dancing on the porch and singing
The exaltation of hope over despair
To make us aware of our good fortunes.

Bid the year goodbye and salute a new dawn
Bid the pain goodbye and sing a joyful song
Bid the hardships goodbye and brace for the glories
Bid the uncertainties goodbye and
Embrace for life’s wonderful mysteries.

Wake up! Salute a new morn
Notice the beautiful azalea singing the praise
Of this life’s abundance.
See the beautiful canaries waiting for you
To join in their songs of love and unison.
Letters, gifts and flowers are waiting for you
Expectantly, to shower wishes
That they are carrying for yourself.
Take up the pen and start pouring over
The parchments like a sincere arborvitae
Bowing in front of the unchanged colors of friendship.

On the eve of this New Year these are my wishes for you:
That you may have warm hugs for each one of your dear friends
Everyday of your life; That you reserve a smile for everyone
Who approaches you including a perfect stranger; That the
Generosity you show for others return to you manifolds
Throughout this year and in the conceivable future.