New Year Wishes for Staff

Happy New Year from a grateful boss to his staff. Let it be known, if it were not, that all of your hard work and endeavors of the past year have been met with gratitude and appreciation. May the next 12 months bring more of the same effort and appreciation.

Happy new year to a favored member of staff. You’ve been a shining light and a great example to those around you for the last year. Here’s hoping that the next 12 months are ones where you continue to shine and inspire those around you to work as hard as you do.

Happy New Year! May the next 12 months bring greater responsibilities in your job and greater power to wield in the office, which will enhance your career and bring greatness to your working and home life. This could be the year the promotion you aspire to is yours.

It’s New Year in the office again – time to reflect on the failures and successes of the last year in our business, and use these lessons to help us sow the seeds of success for the coming year, so that we might celebrate more future successes in the next 12 months.

You’ve been a fantastic team player this year, your contribution to the group and all your hard work and support have been greatly appreciated. You’ve really gone the extra mile in the office this year, and everyone has been able to turn to you for help and advice. Here’s hoping you continue your success in the workplace next year, and know that all of your efforts are noted, and good things must surely soon be coming your way!

Thanks to all my staff for your hard work and dedication this year – your loyalty through thick and thing has been inspiring and greatly appreciated. Here’s hoping the coming year will bring you many blessings and much good fortune in repayment for your efforts. Happy New Year, enjoy the festive season.

Happy New Year! I want you to know that your hard work, dedication and the kind words you have for everyone in their hour of need have made a big difference in the office this year. You’ve made a lasting contribution and have proven yourself to be a great addition to the team. May your career continue to flourish in the next 12 months.

Happy New Year to a valued staff member. All your hard work and efforts have been noted and appreciated by all, and it has been great working with you these past few years. Thank you for all your contributions; you’ve been a great asset to the company. Here’s to many more fruitful years of working together.

On behalf of all the management, thank you for your commitment and contributions to the company this year – you’ve made working with you a pleasure we’re keen to repeat for the coming 12 months and hopefully many more after that.