New Year Wishes for Students

Let me congratulate you once again
For the talent you showcased
Through your performances this year.
But let us forget that we are as good as
Our latest accomplishments. So strive on
And also enjoy the dawning of another year.

The long road ahead of you will take you to the far reaching
Places – as far as your mind can conceive of.
But while on the road do not forget enjoying
The sceneries on both sides of the path.
The green valley that is interspersed with rugged
Mountain terrain. A brook dancing along by the
Side of the road, wild flowers creating natural hedges
Of different shapes and hues. Do not be daunted by the
Up and down tendency of your path for it is exactly what
The universe has planned for you. Your duty is to enjoy,
Preserve and enrich the natural treasures of this earth
Including you.

In few hours time the sunlight will pierce the pitch darkness around
And everywhere people will celebrate the dawn of another year.
And you too will be joining the merriment with your friends.
Before all of these consider reserving a moment or two for yourself
To ponder over things that you would like to achieve this year.
And while you are at it do not only focus on the tangibles
But embrace those virtues possessing which you could accumulate
Ever more than the most luxurious treasury of any emperor.

While you are busy in securing your future do not postpone
Enjoying the treasures of the moment. Read your books thoroughly
But do not ignore the poetry that is written on a poppy’s face.
Sing your songs loudly and cheerfully but never fail to be
Stirred by the tweets of the red robin in your garden.

Let this be your mantra for the coming year
That you play your games with energy like a thoroughbred that
Puts its all into the race without any care about the outcome.
And, most importantly enjoy each day as if each one of
These are masterpieces created by your own hands and mind.

A slanting ray of light is coming out of the window
Of the attic. It tells me that you are up still and
Perhaps packaging gifts for your friends and embellishing
Them with words of encouragement and laughter.
I have slid my wishes for you in the drawer of your
Reading table. Every time you will open it to take pens,
Pencils or paper you will be blessed from the core of my
Heart. May you earn happiness, prosperity and success all along.

This new year these are my wishes for you,
May you keep your child’s enthusiasm intact
And preserve your open mind. May you have
Faith that love and kindness endure all
Even if you fail to notice that sometimes and
May you be of good cheer both during
Sunshine and rain forever and forever.

Much like the air that we breathe in
Cannot be discerned by our eyes but can
Only be felt when it gently touches the hair,
May your presence become such an essentiality
In the lives of all around you without creating
Slightest of irritation like the perfumed morning air.

As you travel through the corridor of life
May the world become a specter for you to
Be marveled at. May you receive not only
Good marks on paper but your deeds surpass
Your lifetime to be a guiding light for generations
To come.

There are things to be enjoyed that no one
Will tell you except your own heart. For example,
The smell of freshly baked breads, the joy
Of sitting at the dinner table with family and friends.
Do not ever ignore that little voice within that will
Keep revealing to you things that you otherwise would
Not have known. May this be my wish for you dear
On the eve of this new year!