New Year Wishes for Success and Happiness

May happiness blossom all the way
That you tread on your life’s journey
May the distant star on the night sky
Be your guiding light so that
You never lose your way through this world’s maze.

May your earnest endeavors are heralded with success,
Yet you manage retaining the humble soul within you
That God has so kindly gifted.
And in case of occasional failures do not be disheartened so much
That you forget plodding on.
For what is victory devoid of any strife
It is in trials that Mars’s glory lies.

Wherever you go may sweet blossoms of happiness
Embellish the edges of your path,
May you never ignore the beauty of the face of this earth
And your success helps improve not only your life
But also for generations to come.

May happiness and success follow you like your own shadow
Without you embodying either.
And whosoever comes in close contact with you may leave
Being wiser and faithful of life’s infinite distinctions.

When you arise each morning may the
Radiant light of happiness shine upon your face.
Reserve a little of that energy within,
So that throughout the day your smile
Brings wonderful joy on the faces of others.

May your acts be courageous
May your energy be contagious
May you have days filled with pleasure
May you learn every moment to treasure
And live healthier, wealthier and merrier
Than ever before.

May all the days that you live be so full of laughter
That you learn forgetting the occasional stings of
Pain that we all need to suffer during our attempts
Of honey gathering.
May the sunshine you bring into your own life and
The lives of those around you are valued by all. In time,
May the days you spend on planet earth become sterling examples
For others to follow.

As the dream of a mighty oak slumbers within an acorn
Your entire life’s possibilities lie nascent within you.
Make sure that in your haste of reaching an elusive goal
You do not forget enjoying spending time
On this beautiful planet we call our home.
May you tread on the path you know to be correct, towards
The destination chosen by you for your self,
Without ever being bothered by the naysayers around,
As the ultimate success will wait for you on the horizon.

May your life’s journey be fair and long,
May you remain stout in health and strong,
May you learn not to be overly elated by success,
May you never abandon your projects due to failures,
May you know that it is wise to be cheerful,
In weather good and in climate less favorable,
For it is one epic that covers many a year
So make it interesting for you and happier.

The conviviality that you share today with others
May come back to you many folds.
Whoever approaches you with a heavy burden in heart
May leave your place feeling as light as a butterfly.
May the good work you do for your near ones and strangers
Bring only blessings into your life.
So that together with your family and friends may you
Produce a string of pearls strewn together intricately that is
Precious enough to embellish eternity’s neck.