New Year Wishes for Suppliers

Keep on trucking your speedy service, we need your deliveries always, and hope this new year takes you far and wide, and your smiles come back to us often.

Happy new year to our favourite supplier, may the bells ring out and the tills ring in, many new orders for you!

Business has been good and sales set to rocket, so may this new year see you much in pocket, and smiles all around, and never frown, cos we think your grand with your lovely new brand!

Driving in all weathers to make sure we get our delivery, makes you wish for the good old days and horses with harness and livery, but on the new years we look to the future and hope to have much more fun, with the wonders your bring and the joy you bring every time you return on your run.

Small and fast, a fleet of cabs, always come just when we yell, and satisfies all our travel wishes with just one tiny bell, we hope new years is bright and prosperous and sees you always well!

Boozing and drugs we could live without, but without the bin men we’d fade, so have a great party and let your hair down, for it’s back on the road without a frown once news year arrives, but with it our wishes for a grand new year, full of joy and luck and love.

Through wind and rain you’ve driven, and never let us down, so have a drink this new year’s eve, and we’re sure you’ll not frown, when you hear good cheer from us to you about your wonderful service, and ask you again to be our supplier for yet another year!

With all good wishes for the new year, let this bring great cheer, and know your company’s just the best, we’ll not sack you, no fear!

On time, in a rhyme, can sound a little dull, but without your service we cannot live, so perhaps have a little mull, on extra orders coming your way from us to you with cheer, and have a drink and celebrate on this the brand new year!

Hard work speaks your name, making money is the game, but have a break this new years eve, and we’ll drink to your success and fame; for without your company this past year, our office would’ve been put to shame, no papers, pins and ink you see, and would’ve only been us to blame!

Water coolers are your game, cool or iced they come, and with them always a smile form you, our water delivery man, so happy new year, hope it brings you a beer instead of a water cooler, so raise it high to ring in the new and blessings upon your future!

Ring the bells and sound the new year, and good luck be with you, as you leave our service, (sadly of course), but happy to start somewhere new.