New Year Wishes for the Lover

My love, all through the last year we have
Enjoyed the cozy embraces of each other.
When your tender fingers played with my hair
I felt an electrifying sensation along my spine.
And now as a new year is about to remove its veil
Let us again be lost in the love and companionship of each other
So that coming time feels equally harmonious and well.

When you plant a kiss on my wet lips
When you soothe my ruffled mind with tender words
When you move your fingers softly on my bare back
When you press your throbbing heart against mine
I lose the count of Time.

For us it hardly matters whether it is just another day
Or the beginning of a new year, for we have learnt to be
Happy and treat each day of our life with fullest pleasure.

Do you remember how last year we withstood cold weather
To stand hand in hand under the night sky and feel the darting air
Sear our faces? Yet, we were blissfully happy observing the play of
Northern light on the dark canvas of night and wondered how
It mimicked the dancing of our own hearts. Let us revive that
Moment once again, only to see light waltzing again
Not on the sky but this time in the irises of our eyes.

When you touch my forehead, my lashes and my chin
With your rosy lips I feel an exquisite joy in life.
When I touch your slender neck and wavy hair
And gently feel your bosom with my fingers
I find the same expression of pleasure alighting your face.
Let us then start this new year with vows of wrapping
Each other in tender love, ardent support and compassion.

On the eve of this new year let me whisper you a secret
I have lost the count of years since my love for you
Started to possess me and fill me with joy of perfect unity.
It is as if we share one mind and heart even though our
Physical presence sometimes is kept apart through distance.

Today I will celebrate with you not only the dawning
Of another year but deepening our love for each other
Through another four seasons. We have traversed the
Path sometimes rocky, sometimes smooth. But for our
Love of each we never had any occasion of lingering displeasure.
I thank God for providing me my perfect partner
Who is ready to walk with me till journey’s end.

As I rest my head on your shoulders I forget all the cares of life.
When you pick up your flute and play, I feel time is nothing but a
Melodious song. When you lie down beside me and together we start
Counting the sparkles of night sky I know that each one of those glittering
Stars are silently showering blessings on us. May we always be so merrily
Together, filling each other’s heart with gentle love and good cheer.

Let me borrow a speck of the that crimson red color that is covering
The eastern sky. For this new year I wish to gift my love a lipstick rosier
Than her ruby red lips.

The morning is fragrant and the dews on the blades of grass
Are full of expectancy. For my love is around and the sound
Of her footsteps are resonating in the air reverberating with the
Melodies of the joys of this new year.

When the cuckoo clock tweeted midnight I know not
I was busy writing my wishes for my dearest and have not
Paid attention to time. It has been same the last year
When I completely ignored the ringing of the bell
For I was too busy kissing the letter conveying my love
To my beloved. Forgive me time, it is not that I intentionally
Ignore you but I love my sweetheart far more than you.