New Year Wishes for the Team

Even though this year we tasted victories
But as all of these are about to be behind us now
Let us then be determined to repeat
Our performance to recapitulate the sweet memories,
Of the year. Happy New Year!

A New Day beckons on the horizon
Enjoy this day but do not forget to reckon
The blessings you have received so far
Happy New Year!

A team is often an extended family
As we tend to spend time more with
Our friends in the team than we ever
Manage with our families. A big cheer
To this happy family of ours and
Warm hugs to everyone this
New Year morn!

We have traversed another year
Permeated with laughter and tear
Let us not fear what future holds for us
It is important to focus on the cherished
Goals of ours and persevere on the
Road of shared experience together.

The morning is cold and sunshine is yet
To dissolve the snow on the window pane.
But with our love and kindness we melt
Hearts, of ourselves and our supporters
And we will continue to be part of this
Grand tour of life, this day and the coming time.

Happy the family that finds solace
In the bosom of fellow journeymen
Companions and superiors. This team
Of ours is nothing but such a cozy family
Where we share the golden moments of
Our lives with each other and the painful ones
Disperse in the hearts, so that the burden does
Not become too difficult for any one person to bear.

Today when you will burst firecrackers
To see the night sky illuminate with rays of light
And color, do not forget thanking each one of your
Teammates, who usher even more variety and pleasure
To brighten your stay upon planet earth.

We share our moments of pleasures with each other
As much as we share the memories of intermittent pain
With our friends here in this team. It is bond like this
That makes us a special bunch and we strive to achieve
This harmony continuously not only for this day but
As many years as we are blessed with to enjoy together.

We work we play we party and we pray
For our beloved team to stay this way forever.
Because each one of us not only reciprocates
The feelings of felicity that we bear in our hearts
For each other. Friends also reveal an untraveled world
Within our own self that may have remained hidden forever.
So, on the eve of the new year we are thankful to each other
For all the treasures that our friends bring for us.

We travel together in many parts of the world
Throughout the season. We share the journeys
With each other and become privy of events
That forever remain firmly etched in our memories.
We sing a song of joy every time we win and
We sigh of disappointments and distresses haunt each of us
After our failures as a team and sometimes as an individual.
But through the pleasure or pain we never forget the main source
Of our inspiration, as evident in the harmony that
Opponents find hard to pervade. This new year let us
Celebrate this togetherness and shared joys in life’s glories.