New Year Wishes for Travellers

Hide this indication Dear sojourner, may you take time out to bow to the old sun
Gracing the eastern sky in the wee hours of the dawn.
May you personify its regularity of bestowing warm kindness
To those who need it, day after day irrespective of its geographical location.
May you also learn to appreciate its steady calmness despite the threats of
Dark clouds that sometimes try overshadowing its glow.
May you live to travel many places and meet new faces
To return home wiser, happier and satisfied with the life’s treasures.

We all are fellow journeymen
Busy making our ways in the name
Of sculpting our lives. Acknowledge that.
Understand that using a wee bit of time
Here and there to help another on the way
Would not hinder the progress
But would make this life of yours
So much more wonderful
That you will be amazed.

Tread on your path resolutely but do not
Ignore the edelweiss that droops on your feet from the roadside.
Appreciate its beauty and thank it for making your
Journey sweeter and more pleasant and walk on
Before you may meet the distant rainbow
Hovering for you on the horizon.

While walking through the great corridor of life
Notice the façade, the columns and the style
Which this Universe has specifically designed for you.
It will ensure you receive the maximum happiness
From your journey. You will also see your
Friends and family members walking side by side
With you abetting you every step of the way.
Express your gratitude and know your life
Seems so beautiful because you have people to share
Every bit of your joy, pain and pleasure.

Dear traveler, may you look for the following
Treasures during your journey this year:
Capture the molten gold of morning sunlight
In the palm of your hands,
Carefully pluck the crystal dewdrops
Hanging from the green leaves,
And tuck a few geraniums in your chest pocket,
Then reaching home present all of these
To your sweetheart who is patiently for you.
She will weave bracelets with these, mingled with you love
And will defy all the riches of this world or heaven above.

May dewy morning air wipes the sweat from your bow
And in tenderness of moonlight you find solace.
Whenever you are weary, may you not fear
For you are protected by the love of your dear ones
And blessed by the angels treading the vast ether.

On your many journeys
May you find yourself to be blessed,
For supplanting foul with fair weather,
For substituting thorns with treasure;
For changing of pain to pleasure.

A genuine traveler learns to be pleased
In small achievements and distinctive,
Enjoy the good days under the sun
As much as he weathers the foul storm,
Appreciate the many hues that are
Strewn in every locale and culture,
And cherish such gems of experience
Before looking even further.

May the days that you spend in
Locations outside your abode
Teach you the value of your own home.
Yet may you never fail to appreciate
All that is truly great
And spread all over the planet.
After all we share a common nest
And understanding its worth is the true test
That we need to undergo during our excursions.

Wherever you go may you find
A shoulder to rest your head on
A friend to share your secrets
Chirpy birds to cheer you with songs
And people ready to embrace.