New Year Wishes for Wife

At the beginning of another year,
I wish you my dear,
And everything your heart desires.

Thank you.
I fall in love with you
and know just what to do.
Kiss you again
and stay the same
For another wonderful year.

Together we walk
Together we talk
As One, into another New Year.
With blessings from above
I give thanks every day for your love.

Over the years
My love for you grows.
I love you so much
From your head to your toes.

As a New Year dawns,
I thank God for blessing me with your love.
You keep me strong and are the joy in my song.

As the New Year takes its flight
You brighten my days and light up my night.

My heart, my soul, my wife.
A friend throughout my life
May your New Year be filled with happiness.

I am grateful for your kindness
as we walk along the way
and grateful for the skies of blue
as you smile from day to day.

I wish you, my wife good health
and happiness throughout the coming year.
I thank you for your kind heart
that lights my time of gloom.

At the start of this New Year
I send best wishes to my wife,
Mother of my children, my heart my soul, my life.

At this time for New Beginnings
I thank you for the difficult job you do
As wife and mother your work is difficult.
Let us at this New Year time,
Remember the rewards and blessings in this shared life.

At this special time, this New Year season, let us together celebrate new beginnings. The past is past, the time is here to start again, together. The past has gone, nothing can be changed. The future is out of our hands, Right now is important.
Let us give thanks for our shared days and move into the New Year with renewed vows.

Happy New Year my loving wife
Let’s walk together, on to the light.
We know what our love is -
Tried and true
Happy New Year, from me to you.

Let the world celebrate
With fireworks and cake
But I want you to know
That I love you so
And, my wife, I will from this New Year to the next.

The old year came and went
And our love for each other remained strong.
I hope that the New Year, we will share
will bring my love, my wife
good health, happiness and all good things.

I wish you, my wife
At this New Year time,
Good health and happiness.
My love for you grows with time
It changes, as does everything in this life,
But it evolves and develops.
Thank you for being my best friend,
the mother of my children, the cook, the gardener
the cleaner.
Happy New year – Super Wife.