For Work

New Year Wishes for Office Team

“Happy New Year my office team. You are all so supreme. You make each work day fun and bright. And make the workload much more light. The New Year is coming and let me say. That next year will be ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Business Partner

“All the best and Happy New Year. Wishing you so much seasonal cheer. I hope the New Year brings to you. Happy joyful, dreams come true. To our team you brought such value and for much of our success your ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Suppliers

Keep on trucking your speedy service, we need your deliveries always, and hope this new year takes you far and wide, and your smiles come back to us often. — Happy new year to our favourite supplier, may the bells ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Employees

Happy New Year to you my treasured employees. I pray this coming one brings to you all that you please. Lots of joy and bundles of good cheer. Are top requirements for this brand New Year. — Thank you for ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Staff

Hide this indication May the forthcoming year become One joyful song for you. With your friends cheering you in each Of your endeavors; And providing you with the support That you may be in requirement of; So that in another ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Patients

Serene and calm, I hope you’ll find this New years eve to be, and healing and hopeful as tomorrow dawns, and a bright new future to see. So have good cheer from all of us who hold you dear, you’ll ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Business Client

Hide this indication On commencement of another brand new year These are my wishes for you: May sunshine follow you everywhere And cool breeze caress you. May you enjoy the pleasures of good company And find friends always to accompany ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Company

This year went by so fast. And now we are preparing to say goodbye to the last. We’ve accomplished a lot, working together as a team. And pulling together we have manifested our dreams. Thank you for all you’ve done ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Ex-Colleague

I miss you friend with all my heart. You had to make a brand new start. My morning breaks are not the same, since you started working for another company name. Alas alack, oh woe is me. Stuck in this ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Nurses

Sending New Year wishes, wonderful Nurses. You really made my stay in the hospital okay. When I was feeling down, you changed my smile into a frown. With the care given, you truly are gifts from heaven. Thank you and ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Employers

May the year ahead bring joy for everyone And each day seem to be part of a great song That is sung in unison For health, happiness and mirth for everyone! — May the New Year prove to be a ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Clients

As we approach the end of one year and welcome the next, I want to take this opportunity to wish you, my treasured clients, all the very best. It has been my pleasure to serve you and I appreciate your ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Doctors

You’ve checked my blood, You’ve checked my teeth, You’ve checked my bones, You know I breathe, You give me medicine, You give me hope, You should be worshipped, Just like the Pope. Happy New Year. — I call my doctor ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Engineers

What have we here? An engineer. Is he civil? He is, related to the public, to us all. Responsible for harbours, bridges, roads conscious of weight and load baring walls. Making sure they do not fall. So, from all of ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Manager

Hide this indication Happy New Year boss! You’re a great manager, focused yet kind and compassionate, an inspiration to all your staff. I see big things in the future for both of us, may this be the year you make ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Dentist

Thanks to your help and support, Eating is a pleasure and smiling is a gesture, That I can utilise every day, Brushing my teeth is essential, And encouraged by you, Now my mouth is completely glowing, In a brilliant white, ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Staff

Happy New Year from a grateful boss to his staff. Let it be known, if it were not, that all of your hard work and endeavors of the past year have been met with gratitude and appreciation. May the next ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Professor

You taught me truth, You taught me other people’s lies, You showed me wisdom, Even though some of it I despise, You taught me enough, To pass all my tests, You taught me how to keep my cool, And avoid ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Ex-Boss

You gave me a chance to show what I can do. Without a second glance you gave me my first job. I earned only a few bob but was pleased and you eased me into a working life. Thank you ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Customers

Here’s wishing a Happy New Year to my favorite customer. I look forward to seeing you and serving you every day. You keep my tills ringing and my heart singing with your warm smile and kind words. If only all ... Read More »