Religious New Year Wishes

Christians rejoice in this new year raise your voice and give praise for the future. Have hope, and faith. To help with plans read Corinthians. With elation look to new creation In Corinthians 2 The Lord says to you Christ ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Respected Person

Happy New Year to a most respected friend, Someone upon whom I can always depend, An individual deeply wise and caring, A true mentor who’s knowledge is worth sharing! — All the best for the upcoming year, With your wit ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Ex-Lover

Although our in love has come to an end, my New Year wishes I’ll still send. Even though we didn’t make it down the aisle, I admit, the thought of you still makes me smile and even if we are ... Read More »

New Year Wishes Reply Thanks Message

Thank you for the kind New Year wishes. Knowing that you are thinking of me at this busy time of year makes me grateful that I have friends like you. Friends who remember and take the time to keep in ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Lover

Our love is beautiful, our love is fine, I’m glad you’re mine as we share new years eve, but if you ever leave I’ll pine and fret, so together and happy for this year is my heartfelt bet! — You ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Travellers

Hide this indication Dear sojourner, may you take time out to bow to the old sun Gracing the eastern sky in the wee hours of the dawn. May you personify its regularity of bestowing warm kindness To those who need ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Pastor

Hide this indication All year long you have guided our community. You have given comfort and love. These new year wishes are sent to wish you peace, joy and happiness in the new year. — new year wishes are sent ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Couples

The perfect couple deserve the perfect treat, A showering of love and all things sweet, A New Years wish for future dreams, With happy smiles and party streams — Happy New Years day to a great couple When we see ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Success and Happiness

May happiness blossom all the way That you tread on your life’s journey May the distant star on the night sky Be your guiding light so that You never lose your way through this world’s maze. — May your earnest ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Health

Happy New Year! May the next 12 months bring you happiness, wealth and above all, good health for you, your family and all you hold dear. — After your recent bout of ill health, here’s hoping that the new year ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Elders

You’ve helped to raise me, You’ve helped to praise me, You’ve helped to love me, And you’ve helped to push me, It’s my turn to return this kindness, And I’d like to start by wishing you well, I hope you ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

It was last New Year’s Eve when I wished for a soul, Who would wrap me in warmth, far away from the cold, I wished for a man who would laugh at my jokes, And listen intently to times when ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Relatives

Oh, Mother, you have loved me true, So on this New Year’s Eve, Through and through, I cheer for you, For all you have achieved. Oh, Mother, you have raised me true, So on this New Year’s Day, Through and ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Teacher

Happy new year to my favourite teacher! May the new year bring you all the joy, peace and happiness you desire! — May the new year bring you peace, joy and laughter. Happy new year to the best teacher on ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

The smile on your face is capable of embarrassing Donatello’s David Your smooth and taut skin would have ashamed his bronze sheen Your dreamy eyes pervade the calmness of my mind and do create such ripples That I forget everything ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Someone Special

You do not know me because I always saw you From a distance, surrounded by your numerous admirers. Your eyes could not have pierced the crowd to see me, Standing lonely at the corner of the street. But somehow, My ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Loved Ones

Hide this indication For me, this world revolves around you For you, your lives’ axes are firmly rooted in me. You fan the fresh air to burst on my face in glee While, I bring warmth to the core of ... Read More »

Romantic New Year Wishes

My love, I am packing my gift for you A present that is specifically chosen for you. The item is deep red in color, a tint that will Embarrass the depth of ruddiness in Gerbera, The tone of Burma rubies ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for the Lover

My love, all through the last year we have Enjoyed the cozy embraces of each other. When your tender fingers played with my hair I felt an electrifying sensation along my spine. And now as a new year is about ... Read More »

New Year Wishes for Students

Let me congratulate you once again For the talent you showcased Through your performances this year. But let us forget that we are as good as Our latest accomplishments. So strive on And also enjoy the dawning of another year. ... Read More »