Religious New Year Wishes

Christians rejoice
in this new year
raise your voice
and give praise for
the future.
Have hope, and faith.
To help with plans
read Corinthians.
With elation
look to new creation
In Corinthians 2
The Lord says to you
Christ is the new creation;
old things have passed away;
behold, all things become new.
verse 5;17
Make room for Jesus in your New Year.

Make plans for a new year
have no fear.
God is good
his plans for us are
not for disaster.
His message is to love
not just Him above
but all people
everyone we come across in
our daily lives.
Let the love and light of Christ
be with you throughout the new year
and always.

In this new year
have a new heart.
Be kind and of generous spirit.
There is no harm in it.
Remember that you were baptised
with water in the font.
Cleanse again,
and realise
the power of new beginnings.
Ezekiel 36:25-27
long before he went to heaven
“I will sprinkle clean water on you,
and you will be clean.”
“I will give you a new heart
with new and right desires,
and I will put a new spirit in you.”
May your heart be cleaned in this new year.

A new year
is a new beginning.
Focus your energies
forget your worries.
Forget the past
nothing lasts.
Look forward to what lies ahead.
Don’t lie in bed,
get up and live life.
Life is a gift to be enjoyed.
love every minute of it.
May you new year be filled with
light and love.

Each new day is special.
Be still in the day
and realise he presence of God.
Don’t follow any other way
Go the way of the Lord.
No one will applaud
but you will know
in your heart, that
your way is right and good.
Be patient
and wait, He will respond.
May you find strength
in the new year to follow
in the way of Jesus.
Don’t be a flitting swallow
but an eagle
with the power to overcome all evil.
may you find love and joy in the new year.

May Jesus guide you through this new year
that is what I ask Him to do.
In all the good times
and the bad
May he be there with you.
In new year may you know the truth
and daily say a prayer
and know the safest place to be
is in His loving care.
Out of gratitude and love
reach to guidance from above.
Find joy, love and peace in the new year.

May you in this new year
find ways to live in peace.
Pray to change, forget the past
follow a loving-way plans
Let Jesus lead you
in His safe and powerful hands.
May you in the new year
find peace and joy
and realise the love of God that
is with you always.

A new beginning here again
what will happen is not known.
What a sad way to go
to walk the road alone.
May your new year be blest
and may you find rest
knowing that God is
with you.