Romantic New Year Wishes

My love, I am packing my gift for you
A present that is specifically chosen for you.
The item is deep red in color, a tint that will
Embarrass the depth of ruddiness in Gerbera,
The tone of Burma rubies is fainter than it
The crimson red rose will not be able to compete with it,
It may defy the hue of the sun when it rises in the sky.
Do you understand what it is that I am sending to you?
Yes, my dear it is my throbbing heart dedicated for you.

I remember the first day we met with each other in the park
Both of us were strangers yet the yearning felt to converse
With each other were pretty difficult to ignore.
I remember the day when I was plucking a rose from the bush
Beneath my bedroom window for you and accidentally my finger was
Pricked by a thorn, you had tears in your eyes. And now when I am
Putting my new year gift for you in a box I know how cozily you
Will embrace it against your bosom. For a gift of love such as this
That is the holiest shrine that can be built – our hearts.

The night is bright and heavy with the smell of the burnt firecrackers
But inside, it is about complete peacefulness and joy shared by two of us.
I feel privileged to have known you and grateful that I have earned
Your love, on the eve of this new year and seasons to come.

I often wonder when do you look prettiest?
Is it when you collect flowers from the garden
To neatly assemble in your basket or is it
When you come out from the swimming pool with
Your bathing suit clinging your slender figure.
Well I have got the answer just now, it is when
I look at you the last time you look most beautiful
Till the next occasion improves on your looks!

When the other day we were gently boating down the river
I was engaged in rowing and you were playing with water.
I caught a glimpse of your pretty face on the tranquil waves
And was positively under distress that my beauty has now
Managed making an impression on Neptune. Almost immediately
You turned and smiled at me and in that I knew
How secure I am in your love for you.

When you whisper into my ears the words of affection
The birds on the trees start eavesdropping and the
Leaves become still so that their rustle do not create any disturbances.
So my sweetheart, you plant a kiss on my lips then
I will read in it the epic that you otherwise narrate in words
Speaking eloquently of love, happiness and romantic union.

Every morning when I kiss you on your forehead
To announce the breaking of the day to you
And you put your arms around my neck,
I feel not only blissfully happy for ourselves
But also rejuvenated and vigorous for years to come.

Yesterday when everyone else was busy celebrating
The commencement of another year with food and drink
You have stolen time away to be with me in my living room
We spent the evening without uttering many words
But understanding those that remained unsaid and were
Dearer than all that articulacy could have expressed less perfectly.
So, this is my wish for you on the new year that everyday of our
Lives we could so rapturously be happy in company of each other.

John is playing guitar and Terry is at the piano
Samantha is singing loudly but only we two
Are quite and deep in reverie of the year that bade goodbye
And in contemplation of the one that dawns now.
But even if our lips are closed our hearts are waltzing
With each other and will continue to do so
On the other side of every spring.

Do you know when you were arranging the flowers
In that blue porcelain vase to decorate my bedroom window
I was envying the blooms as they were receiving your tender caress
While I was waiting behind agitated in hopefulness?
Let us end this pain and this new year join in hearty embrace
Promising each other love and planting kisses on lips.